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Narender Sharma said…
Which Hollywood Star copy her (Rekha) look in her album And what is the album name?
Modeartor- Rishabh Sharma said…
It was Madonna and album was Ray of light.
Madhu said…
Dear Rishabh Is it True that she Married 4 Times?
Hi Madhu, Dear I tell U first thing that in this whole world all peoples believe only on rumors news without knowing the Truth. No body wants to find real fact and that truth never opened till the end. If you thought that she done 4 marriages then dear U are wrong. She done 8-10 marriages like with Raj Kiran, Vinod Mehra, Amitabh Bacchan, Jitendra, Sanjay Dutt, Raj Babbar, Akshay Kumar and all the Credit goes to Media. All Indians should be very thankful to Media who always present in her marriage as a witness. Media had a copy of all marriages Invitation Cards & Photo Albums.
But the saddest news is that people listen all the things and believe it without knowing the Truth, without giving their own views and comments. Infact In today’s world if 100 people lies then it become truth for all. In her life she married only once with Mukesh Aggarwal. (Unfortunately)
Roshan said…
Dear Rishabh If Rekhaji propose you for Marriage then what’s your reply?
Dear Roshan I respect her a lot, I love her sooooooooooooooo much, and I appreciate her. Infact I worship her. I never think that she propose me for marriage. How do u think like that????
Yogi said…
Dear Rishabh tell me one thing what she eat to maintain her fabulous look?
Dear Yogi There is No face lifting, No cosmetic surgery, No magic of makeup, No aerobics, No yoga, Basically truth is that she is very very high spiritual. Due to this spirituality her face glows so much.
Mohit said…
Dear Rishabh can U tell me that is there any movie of rekhaji, which you not like?
Dear Mohit first thing is that I appreciate Rekhaji’s Beauty, Talent, Grace, charm, Simplicity and many more things but on the other hand I am also a BIG critic of her.
In her carrier she done some movies which not only me (her others fans also) don’t want to see like Bach ke Rehna re Baba, Kudiyo ka hai Zamana, Qila. Mother98 etc. Basically these movies are just Ok and there is nothing for Rekhaji to do and I feel that her director wastes her amazing talent for doing the same. There is no Rekha, which we seen in Khoon bhari Maang, Silsila, Ghar, and Lajja.
Aniket said…
Dear Moderator what is the profit for doing all this things?
Dear Aniket
In this world So many things are done without seeing Profit or Loss.
Some things are done for personal Satisfaction too.
I know it seems to be Unreal and Impractical but its very true.
Infact here we are not selling a Product. And I don’t believe to sell our Love, Emotions & Feelings. All the incidents that are happened in Rekhaji’s Life inspired me to do the same. She gave me more.And it’s my great Pleasure if I return back to her inform of our true love & site.
Meenal Jain said…
Dear Moderator First of all congratulation to you for your Big Success on Aaj Tak.Tell me Rishabh if Rekhaji send a Rakhi to u (her fan) like Madhuri Dixit then what’s your reaction?
Firstly Thanks to you Meenal. I want to tell u that I am not Rekhaji’s regular fan; my relation to her is out of boundation. It is very unique and so special relationship for me. I think if you are a true lover than you could be anything or everything. It could be Friend, Mother, father, and brother. Although Rekhaji send a Rakhi to me then it will be my Pleasure.
Ketan said…
Dear Rishabh pleases Firstly describe your Rekha in your own Words?
Dear Ketan Rekhaji’s feminity is beyond my description. Certain words are not enough to describe Rekha like God, love, happiness & Pain. It’s not justified to describe God, love, happiness & pain by mere words. I like her Beautiful soul, her Confidence, her grace, her smile, and the way she carries herself. She is not only a great actress only but a great human being also in this world. She is truly a Diva on screen as well as off screen whether in a Flim or in Award Function. She is a style Icon in fashion world. She is a legend in Cinema. She is gorgeous as well as she is charming. She has a Beautiful Chemistry of Qualities of Uniqueness, dignity and sensuality of being a Woman. If you want to know the Power of woman with her gracious feminity as well as her depth of soul, then you can watch her these films like Silsila, Umrao Jaan, Ghar, Muqaddar ka Sikander, Khoobsurat, Utsav, Izazat, Jeevan Dhara, Sansaar, Insaaf ki aawaz, Khoon Bhari Maang, Phool Bane Aangare, Aastha & Lajja. in which she played various different shades of life with different characters.
Ambika said…
Dear moderator Rekha had lot of affairs like Amit to Akshay. Have U any news now that who is new man in her life???
Dear Ambika Do u know that Rekhaji has set an example & maintained the beauty of Love. The Fragrance of her love can be feel by her devotion in love which made men falling in love with her BUT I wish & pray for her that Someday she met a gentle Soul like her a Beautiful soul. Except it I know that Nobody in the world like her who deserve it.
Versha said…
Dear Rishabh don’t mind U r a Kid in front of her. She is 50 plus n U?
Why r U running behind her? What is this man???
Dear Versha True Love doesn’t see Age, Status, Wealth, Physical appearance & Profit. true love is more Precious than jewel.It is pure same as a Prayer of God .It is not just a Passion of love but is because of the specialty of Woman to be loved. I truly Love her, respect her a lott. She is part of of my daily life. (Zindgi)
She is …………………. Ishwar ka ek aur Chehra for me. And I m not running behind her but what Can I do if she is running next to me?
Joya said…
Dear Rishabh which is Urs most Favorite Performance of Rekha and Why?
Hi Joya
Oh My God! Really it is very Difficult to choose one performance of her. Coz she done lots of Memorable performance and I m still waiting to see her Best Performance. Anyway If I have to choose one then my all time favorite is Silsila due to various reasons like In it My fav. Yash Chopra, Fav Lata ji & Kishore Da my Favorite. Music Director Shiv-Hari., beautiful songs written by Jawed ji, Beautiful Location .and my all time favorite song “Ye kaha Aa Gaye Hum Yu hi Saath Saath Chalte” But but the most specially reason is only Rekha. Rekha in every Frame-her undefined Beauty, her Charm, her Costumes, her lips, her close-Ups, when she Smiles & when she cries. Her tears and Pain. In it I feel the Real Rekha- The Real Pain. Dear if U cut all the scenes of Rekha then there is nothing to see in it.Except Silsila Aastha is another movie which is very close to my Heart.
Tasneem said…
Hello Rishabh if u gets a Chance to meet Rekhaji then what you say to her?
Dear Tasneem if I got a Chance to say something to her then I will say
“Tum Jise Dhoondhti rahi Umarbhar Laakhon main, hazaron main, Daro Diwaro main, Ashko ke Dharo main Waqt ki Dararon main, Khali Khali Lamho main, Riste – Dukhte Zakhmon main………………………..”
Main wahi hu…. Main wahi hun….. Main wahi hun………..
Pehchana Mujhe?????
Nidhi said…
Dear Rishabh if someday Rekhaji Calls U then what’s ur reaction at that time?
Dear Nidhi I will go Crazy. I think umm………………..
I can’t say exact, how to manage words when you feel speechless,
How to manage expressions? When you have lost yourself.
Anyway I must say…………….”Kitni Der laga di aane main”?
Harish said…
Dear Moderator has you any idea of Relationship between Farzana & Rekha? Is she………..?
Dear Harish firstly tell me love can be described?
Love can’t be described in words. Love is just only love like a pure prayer of god.
If you remember In a Flimfare Award Function in which Hrithik Roshan says that She (Rekha)
has many faces of love that’s why she loves everyone whether it is her fan, her Secretary ,her friends
her relatives. And you have no right to say anything without knowing the meaning of love So why u think like this?
Nutun said…
Dear Rishabh which song U sung (Dedicated) for Rekhaji?
I Deeply feel for her “Meri Sada main bole tu, yeh koi kya jane?
Geet main tu Saaz main hai,tu hi tu, Nagma kahan?
Yeh Dil Sun Raha hai Tere dil ki Sada” from movie (Khamoshi)
Navneet said…
Dear Moderator have U ever read the Book, which is, wrote by Mohan Deep?
Dear Navneet I think this is wasted of time and I know that all Rekhaji’s fan knows her very much not any Mohan or Sohan! Whatever.
Rajesh said…
Dear do you know the some films name which has been given up by rekha?
i know some chandani, lamhe, khal naika, boby. satyam shivam dundaram, parampara, yar gaddar,etc
Hi Rajesh
Yes U r right that she given up some movies which u describe.
Dear except all these here are also some more movies, which she gave up like “Namkeen” in place of sharmila taggore. Golmaal, Anjaam opposite with King Khan Shahrukh, “Chunoti” –the Challenge opposite with Sunny Deol directed by K.C Bokadia. She gave up three movies in she was opposite with SRK like Anjaam, Hansini, one more.
Rajesh if she did “Chandini”, Anjaam, Namkeen & all others than it would be great. Like “Sone pe Suhaaga” .
Rajesh said…
Dear I want to know the name of some movies of rekha which uncompleted or unrealesed due to some reason i know some movies like AAG KA DARIYA, TIME MACHINE, KISMAT KI REKHA, NAMVALA, GANGA KI DHARA, ETC ETC...
Dear Rajesh thank you for giving such information.
Dear Except all these movies which u describe here some more movies are Musafir, Shaturtaa, Duesshra, Thakuraain, Prem Patra & Main Teri Dushman..
Jolly menon said…
Hi Moderator, I heared that Rekha again Playing A Character role in Raj Kanwar's Sadiyaan like "Koi Mil Gaya & Krissh.
Dear Jolly
I think U r not aware that this is not first time when she played a character role of a Mother. When she at 16 years –She played a Mother role in Barkha Bahar.
After that in 80’s She do the same in Movies Judai, Sada Suhagan, Zameen Asamaan, Kalyug, Vijeta, Basera and so many more.
Infact Rekha is only one Actress who played mother role in the beginning of her Carrier.
Basic thing is that she not played a mother role like a regular Indian mother like Reema lagu, Farida Jalal, Rakhee, Mausmi, Jaya, Shabana, and Hema.
She done glamour role as well as a lead role after doing Mother role
If U remember after “Koi Mil Gaya & Krissh She done movies like Bach ke Rehna re baba, Yatra & Kudio ka hai zamana as commercial movie. Even she danced on a item song with King Khan & Ritesh Deshmuk in 2008 hit Om Shanti Om.
rajesh said…
hi want to know the other cast of movie which unrealesed you are described i know about only shtruta and mushafir in satruta vinodkhanna and mushafir naduruddin shah and mun mun shen would you tell me other star cast names?
Dear Rajesh ,
Find the details of others movies, which are Unreleased/ given up by her.
Movie Name-------------------- Starcast
Kismat ki Rekha--------------- Vinod Khanna
Aag ka Dariya------------------- Dilip Kumar, Padmini Kulhapure, Rajeev Kapoor
Takurain------------------- Rajnikant
Chunoti -------------------- Sunny Deol
Hansini -------------------- Shah Rukh Khan
Prem Patra & Main Teri Dushman are those Movies whose Names are heared but not made.
Nisha gulati said…
Hi Rishabh feel great after reading ur 10 best films of Rekha. You should also mention ur favourite 10 Best songs of Rekha.
Hi Nisha. Firstly thanks to u for Ur Question and appreciating my views about my 10 most favorite Films of Rekhaji. Nisha same as Movies it also very difficult for me to choose only 10 best songs out of so many.

10. In the Night No Control – KHILDIYO KA KHILADI
9. In Aankho ki Masti ke Mastane Hazaro hain—UMRAO JAAN
8. Neel ke Nabh Chaye - UTSAV
7. Aap ki Aankho me Kuch Mehke hue se Raaj hain - GHAR
6. Yeh Kya Jagah hai Dosto yeh Kon SA Dyar hai- UMRAO JAAN
5. Labo se Chum lo Baahon me tham lo Mujko----- AASTHA
4. Katra –Katra Milti hai Katra Katra Jeene do----- IJJAZAT
3. Tere Bina Jiya jaye Na --- GHAR
2. Neela Aasma So Gaya ------ SILSILA
1. Yeh Kaha Aa Gaye Hum Yuhi Saath Saath Chalte----- SILSILA
Sunanda said…
Hello Rishabh
How r you? After reading your Rekha Blog .I feel that U knows all about Rekha so can u tell me the reason of Mukesh Aggarwal Suicide?
Hello Sunanda Ji Firstly thanks for Ur Question & reading our Rekha Blog section.If you know that Mukesh was a successful Industrialist of Delhi. I don’t want to criticize him but Truth is that he was mentally disturbed before he was married.He used drug pills for sleep. He was a patient of very famous Psychiatrists Aakash Bajaj. Doctor Aakash was more than a doctor for him. After Mukesh marriage the relationship of Mukesh- Aakash was still going on. He doesn’t want that Rekha do movies after Marriage but Rekha wants to fulfill her commitment which she done with her directors. Mukesh also wants to use the high contacts of Rekha. This is main reason.
When he suicide Rekha was out of India and this is not first time when he tried to Suicide he tried so many times but this time he got success. Except it there were some other reasons but no need to explain. People and media blamed Rekha for it. After a long time when she broke her silence and show her ISD Bills when she talked to Mukesh.Then the public and Media realized that they were wrong and finally proved that she was innocent.
Namit said…
Hi Rishabh
As u know very well the new themes and concept (Homosexuality) of Bollywood Movies Like Fashion, Dostana, Page3, Honeymoon Private ltd etc. If like this a Film is offered to Rekha then She should accept it or not? What do u think about it?
Dear Namit for your kind information if U remembers Deepa Mehta’s Fire. It was offered first to Rekha. The role played by Shabana offered first to Rekha but she refused due to a Lip Kissing Scene with Nandita Das. In her interview Rekha said that Nandita is a very talented Actress and I kiss her so many times but not in that way. Nmit You know very well that Rekha is very very talented actress & she shuld experiments also. So I think she must accept that kind of role.
rajesh said…
Hi Rishabh
do you know that rekha had won blus award in filmfare award 2009 when he hugged and kissed tp first row sitting stars like priyanka chopra, shahrukh khan , even abhishekh and aishwarya that time AMITABH rose up from his seat and went away what do you think about amitabh ?
Moderator said…
Hi Rajesh how r U. First wish u a very Happy n Safe holi & thanks for the information that she won a Award in Filmfare. About the whole scene which happened at F fare is right according to me. Actually Amitabh is a very family dedicated person and what he do at time eyeryone do the same in that condition.It means not that amitabh is not gentle person. he is very good with his co-stars.Infact he wants to avoid the contraversy not rekha . So he do exactly that the requirment of Condition.
vidhya said…
hi Rishabh
On 8th March Women's day is celebrated world wide. At this special day I want to ask about your 5 powerful womens in the world.
Hi firstly thanks 2 u for Ur question. Vidhya according to me every woman is a powerful woman whether she is a House wife, service woman .Infact woman is more powerful than a Man but if U ask me about my favorites 5 powerful women in the World then I say my 5 powerful women are:- Mother Teresa , Lata mangeshkar, Rekha, Sonia Gandhi and Winfrey Opharah. These are women whom I respect a lot.
Zubin said…
Hi Rishabh. As U know that rekha is 52 but looks like 32 so who is male in this Industry who follwed footsteps to Rekha?
Hello zubin. Dear do u see Rekha's latest Photo shoot in Filmfare Magazine she looks like 25 (just opposite to 52) Really it is remarkable that she carried herself in a very Unique way. Her charm, grace and dignity is as it is before. I think No one can
Rekha- male or female. phir bhi I think if there is male person in bollywood who maintain himself like Rekha then No Doubtly he is none other than salman Khan. he is 45 but look like 28.
Preti shukla said…
Dear Moderator. I am Surprised to to see that Rekha wear the sindoor at 54th Filmfare Awards ? What is this Rishabh ?
what do U think about this?
Dear Preti. It is not only Ur Question but also all fans want to know about it. From this incident her all fans are Shocked and hurt too. We know very well that our Customs & tradition not allowed Sindoor to a woman without her marriage. According to Indian Customs it’s not acceptable but its not first time when she appears publicly with Sindoor She should understand that we are Indian and we are hippocrate. I am not favoring Rekha that whatever she do it is right but I feel personally the following 3 reasons.
(a) She already said in her interview that Sindoor suits me that’s true Sindoor suits her very much.
(b) May be she has a great desire to be a Suhagan like every Indian woman for a long time.
(c) Everybody knows that when she enters in Industry she was just 13 years old and now she is 53. A woman dreaming to be a Suhagan like others Indian women from last 40 years. May be she makes herself so happy for doing the same.
Pranjal said…
Hello Moderator first Congratulation to U for a special meeting with raj kanwar. dear i think this the first time when Rekha is paired with rishi Kapoor or not?
Dear Pranjal thanks for Ur wishes. Pranjal this is not first time when Rekha is paired with Rishi Kapoor in Sadiyaan. They also paired for Aazad Desh ke Gulam in 1990 & Both also work as a Co stars in Shesnaag and Amiri Garibi.
Madhumita said…
Dear Moderator pls tell me that Rekha done an Advertisement for a product ever?
Yes Madhumita In 1980 Rekha done modeling for a Cold drink named Gold Spot.
Except it Rekha also had done an Ad for Very famous Soap Lux, Emami & some more.
fadrick said…
Hi Moderator. I think raj Kanwar's Sadiyaan is completed but no news of Realesing. tell me something about her next film "Aaj phir jeene ki Tammana hai"
Dear Fadrick if U remember that Aaj Phir Jeene Ki Tamanna Hai sang Waheeda Rehman along with Dev Anand in the 60's classic Guide. Now, 40 years after that song went on to become a rage, Shatrughan Sinha and Rekha will come together in a film called Aaj Phir Jeene Ki Tamanna Hai.

The film, shooting of which is currently on in Karjat, also stars Hrishita Bhatt and Satish Shah and is being co-produced by popular T.V. star Kamia Malhotra along with Shatrughan's better-half, Poonam Sinha. The film is directed by Ramesh Talwar who earlier directed the Sanjay Dutt- Madhuri Dixit- Rishi Kapoor love triangle Sahibaan in the 90's. While Shatrughan Sinha would be playing a princely character, the timeless beauty Rekha would be seen in a 'dynamic' role.
Shalini said…
Rishabh. From Kamini Kaushal to Katrina Kaif. who are the three most beautiful Actress in Indian Cinema?
Dear Shalini,
The main and most important thing is that you can’t explain beauty in words. It feels only. There are so many Actresses in this Industry whose beauty is beyond the words. Kamini Kaushal, Naseem Bano, Vaheda Rehman, Meena Kumari,Nargis, Nutan, Madubala and Vajayanti mala then Hema Malini, Rekha, Zeenat Aman JayaParda, Madhuri Dixit and Aishwarya. You can’t say exactly who is more beautiful. All have a very unique thing in herself like Dignity of Waheda Rehman, Beauty of Madhubala, Simplicity of Nutan and Nargis, Womanhood of Meena Kumari and Jayaprada, Appeal of Zeenet Charm of Hema Malini, Million Dollar Smile of Madhuri. So all are very- very special and have their unique identity. But Phir bhi If ask me about most three beautiful Actress in Indian Cinema then I say Proudly MadhuBala, Rekha, and Aishwarya Rai.
Rajesh said…
would you tell me about krish part 2, devdashi, vinodini, bajirao mastani, heera mandi marma yogi, and i have watched news on etc that madhu bhandarkar works on script and in wich he wants to take rekha and subject will be very dark means as like page 3 , chandani bar, etc. madu bhandarkar had told that i will be make this movie after JAIL
Dear Rajesh
You know very well that Rakesh Roshan’s Krrish became such a phenomenon and it collected over 180 crores so after the Grand Success of it both father and son wants to make a sequel to it. Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Bajirao Mastani is declared with music by A.R. Rahman. It is based on the life of Bajirao, his wife Kashibai and his mistress Mastani. It is a true life story. Recent reports state that Bhansali has revived Bajirao Mastani with actress Shivani Kapoor as Mastani and Salman Khan as Bajirao. Rani Mukerji as Kashibai & Rekha as Radha Bai.
Devdasi is directed by kalpana Lajmi with Priyanka Chopra & Rekha (a Modern Devdasi) after her Chingari .Vinodini is a concept of Pareenita Fame Pardeep Sakar. Heera Mandi is project of Sanjay Leela Bhansali& Marymyogi is directed by Kamal Hasan himself through this film his daughter Shruti Hasan also debut.
Dear Rajesh I also heard all these news but Believe only when Rekha herself give Confirmation in her interview. So keep wait and pray to God that all project starts soon and Rajesh I already know that Madhur Bhandarkar wants to make a film with Rekha after his next film Jail.
V.A said…
This is great that U meet with RajKanwar for Ur Dream Project!! Did you ask him when Sadiyaan is releasing? Did he tell you some details about Sadiyaan?
Thanks V.A for ur Complement. Dear we met RajKanwar and he tell us that Movie is completed but he is not well actually he had two eye Surgery recently and Doctor not allowed to do lot of work on it. so this a reason for delay it.Dear not only you but all fans are waiting for Sadiyaan.
Anant said…
Hello Moderator, Do you know that this year the very prestigious Award Padma Shri given to Akshay kumar & Aishwarya Rai . what do think about it?
Dear Anant firstly thanx for Ur Question. Dear I am not believed in Awards. That time is gone when awards gives to the person who deserve for it for his hard work, talent. Today Awards gives according to Star’s Popularity. Dear I m not against with Akshay and Aish who got Padmashri this year but before Akshay and Aish there are so many Senior and Very very Talented Actor & Actress who give a new Meaning to Indian Cinema . Dear Coming year if you heard that Padmashri will be given to Millika Sherawat or Rakhi Sawant then No need to be shocked.
Usha said…
Hello Moderator after seeing your site I felt that you are a very true Fan of Rekha and love her a lot. Rishabh is there anything of Rekha which hurts you!
Dear Usha when you dedicate 19 years of your life on a person completely. Your all days & nights even each moment of life dedicated to him/ her then it’s obviously you feel an emotional bonding with her. Dear I have lot of respect and lot of love for her .Infact I have an special kind of relationship with her like my family member and my feelings get hurt when she done some things which I don’t expect from her. and get hurt when she did some movies like Bach Ke Rehna Re Baba, Mother 98, Kudiyon ka hai Zamana, Dil Hai Tumhara & I felt so hurt when She did film Kamasurta .there is no need to do such kinds of Films .Recently she appears publicly with Sindoor that’s hurts her all fans around the world. I am feel bad when she appears in same dress i.e. Golden saree in any Award Function.Really she is very much respected actress and very beautiful Human being. Her status & standard is very very high. So all these things can’t suits her .
Rajesh said…
Dear Rishabh
i want to know that i heared that rekhaji has worked in gautam govinda movies i didne remember which scene or song.
Hello Rajesh Hru?
yes dear in Subash Ghai's Gautam Govinda she played a Guest role.
Malti said…
Dear Rishabh I see only two item songs of Rekha i.e kaisi paheli from Pareenita & Deewangi from Om Shanti Om. Rishabh tell me that Rekha done another item song execpt these two.
Dear Malti firstly thanks 2 for ur Question. Malti I think you don’t know that the Concept of Item Girl was very very old and known as a Guest Appearance at that time.In the starting time it was performed by Kukku, Helen, Bindu, Padma Khanna & Aruna Irani. But after 1970 it was the first time when it was also done by a big Actress Rekha in her Movie Hawas (1974) after Hawas she done so many more item songs in Films like Palko ki Chav mein , Jaabaaz ………………. Parineeta (2005) . It was Unbelievable that a 5o years old lady do a full dance number and makes a history.Really No body can imagine to do a full dance Number in the age of 50 . Today Industry have so many Actress who perform a Item song lke Isha Koppiker, Amrita Arora, Rakshi Sawant, Malikka Sharewat and so many more . Really Pardeep Sarkar’s Parineeta was a big sucess of Rekha that also gives a Tough compettion to others. After it she gave a very special performance in Farah Khan’s Om Shanti Om. and Malti beleive me that here are more performance of your Rekha are yet to come so wait for it.
Shurti said…
Dear moderator I m little bit confused in Rekha’s First Movie. Is it Sawan Bhadon, Anjana Safar or Mehmaan?
Dear Shruti, Anjana Safar was the first movie of Rekha which she sign but Sawan Bhadon was her first released film.
md.Usman said…
Dear Rishabh do u know that Sachin Tendulkar’s statue is going to kept in Madame Tussauds Wax Museum dear when we will see the Rekha Statue?
Dear Usman this is great and a feeling of Proud for all Indian that India’s No. 1 Batsman Sachin Tendulkar’statue is going to kept in Madame Tussauds Wax Museum .and Usman not only you but all fans of Rekha & me too is still waiting for that great day when Rekha’s Statue kept in Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. Except Rekha ji there should be the Statues of Great Lata Ji, Gulzar & Asha ji. So please pray to God that day comes very soon.
joyjeckab said…
Rishabh Is it True that Rekha had done a Contraversial Kissing Scene in her starting Carrier?
Dear Jacab Rekha never did a kissing scene in her Carrier. She was kissed by hero Vishwajeet in film Anjana Safar by the Planning of its director Kuljeet pal and hero Vishawajeet.Infact Rekha was unknown about this scene. Director knows that she is a teenage Girl and never agree for this. So he made a planning to do this.
Rajesh said…
Dear Rishabh I want to know that has rekha done in DASHAVTAR named movie with kamal hasan because i have read on net and in rekha's filmography.
Nilofar khan said…
Rishabh If I Describe Rekha in one word then my ans is The Ulitame Indian Queen what will be your Answer?
Dear Rajesh hru? Rajesh If you remember that DASHAVTAR movie is already released in India but there is No news that Rekha did a role in it.
Nilofar ji If I describe Rekha in just one word then my ans is "Soul of God"
Pardeep Dubey said…
Dear Moderator Recently I saw the Classic Shoot of Rekha in Filmfare Magazine. I am am shocked to see her stunning and fabulas photographs. She looks so gorgeous till today then why she do movies like gautam Ghosh’s Yatra with Nanapatekar, amar Butala’s Kudiyo ka hai Zamana with Paresh Rawal, Rajkanwar’s Sadiyaan with Rishi Kapoor and Poonam Sinha’s Aaj phir jeene ki tammana hai with Satrughan Sinha.
Why she wasting her Extreme Talent for doing such Movies with old heros and such kind of directors??????????
Rohit Khandelwal said…
Dear Rishabh What thing u like most in Rekha?
Dear Pardeep don’t worry about it. First of all She is an Actress first than a Star Rekha and as an Actress she have to play different kinds of roles. I clear you that in Gautam’s Yatra & Govind Menon’s Bach Ke Rehna Re Baba She played a Character and again she will going to play two different Character in Raj Kanwar’s Sadiyaan (based on Indo- Pak relationship)and Poonam Sinha’s Aaj Phir Jeene ki tammana Hai. The Most important thing is that if you are a true Actor/Actress then there is no matter of age and Co- Star and it’s totally depends on you how brilliantly you played a character r. So don’t think like this! You don’t remember???? that She also done movie opposite with young heros like KKK with Akshay , Bulandi with Anil Kappor, Zubeida with Manoj Vajpayee , Mujhe meri Biwi se bacho with Arshad Warsi. Every body Knows that she soooooooo Beautiful, extremely talented & Graceful till today .Even you can pair her with Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan ,Shiney Ahuja, John Abhram but I am wondering that why Industry’s Powerful Directors like Sanjay Leela Bhasali, Mani Ratnam, Karan Johar, Yash Chopra not use her xtreame talent & Beauty in their Projects. But Pardeep keep faith in God as well as in Rekha that day is not so far when Rekha fulfil her fan’s wishes
Dear Rohit I can’t say exactly which thing I like most in Rekha.There are lots of things which makes Rekha sooooooooooo Special. What can I say about her Beautiful Eyes, Perfect Jawline, her depth of Soul, her lusterious lips, her black long hairs, her Simplicity. Really her magic can’t be described in words. Phir bhi if u asks me about her beauty then I say Her Beautiful eyes and if ask me about In Rekha then I says her Womanhood I like most.
Vinay Choudhary said…
Rishabh Tell me who is the most powerful competitor of Rekha in bollywood?
Prashant Banga said…
Dear Rishabh arrange these actress according to their Sex appeal and Glamour.
Names are:-Millka Sherawat,Kareena Kapoor,Katreena Kaif,Priyanka Chopra, Rekha, Urmila , Zeenat Aman, Ciliena Jaitley, Shilpa Sheety, and Bipasha Basu.
Dear Vinay firstly you not mention in which aspect U find the Competitor of Rekha like Beauty or Talent. Phir bhi in all aspect she is Superb and no one can compete her. I am not favoring Rekha but its true that there is no competitor of Rekha in this Industry. Rekha is the only one actress who got success in both Commercial as well as in Art Cinema. I am not saying that other Actress are not good. All are talented and good but we can’t put them similar to Rekha.
Shobna Arya said…
Dear Rishabh Except Rekha which Actress Or Actor you like most. Pls don't say that just Rekha is my favourite.
Dear Prashant why you put Kareena Kapoor, Millika Sherawat and Katreena Kaif in same Category Where you are already put Rekha and ZeenatAman.Dear there is no comparison of these two from others. One thing I should clear you that Sex Appeal doesn’t means Nudity or Cheap Stardom. Sex appeal is Feeling .It's not just about looks and Costumes.It a way how to presents urself and creates Magic. For Example Watch Zeenat Aman’s Qurbani and her magic in song “Chura Liya hai tumne jo Dil ko” & Feel Rekha’s High Glamour, Sensuality in Silsila. When she appears in China Silk Saree and Churidar Suits with heavy lip loss and beautiful eyelashes. This is the thing which you can’t describe in words. But now its time to give ur answer according to me.
10. Malikka Sherawat
9. Kareena Kapoor
8. Katreena Kaif
7. Celiena Jetli
6. Priyanka Chopra
5. Shilpa Sheety
4. Bipasha Basu
3. Urmila
2. Jeenat Aman
1. Rekha
Shobna ji I have a long list of Actress which I like most except My Rekhaji
1.Madhubala in Mughle Azam & Barsaat ki Raat
2.Meena Kumari in Sahib Biwi aur Gulam & Paakeezah
3.Waheeda Rehmaan in Kaagaz Ke Phool & Namkeen
4.Nutan in Seema & Bandini
5.Nargis in Mother India & Raat aur Din
6.Vajayntimala in Amrpali & Sangam
7.Sadhna in Aarzoo & Mere Mehboob
8.Asha Parekh in Kati Patang & Karvan
9.Smita Patil in Waaris & Mirch Masala
10.Shabna Azmi in Arth & Masoom
11.Hema Malini in Seeta aur Geeta & Bhagbaan
12.Jaya Bachhan in Abhimaan & Kora Kagaz
13.Reena Roy in Asha & Arpan
14.Padmini Kolhapure in Ahista Ahista & Prem Rog
15.Rati Agnihotri in Ek Duje ke liye & Tawayaf
16.Jaya Parda in Sur Sangam & Sargam
17.Meenkshi in Damini
18.SriDevi in Sadma & Chandini
19.Madhri Dixit in Mritudand & Devdas
20.JuhiChawla in Arjun Pandit & Darar
21.Tabu in Chandini Bar & Astitva
Manisha, Kajol,Karishama, Rani and Aishwarya too.
shobna Arya said…
Dear Rishabh after knowing your Favorite Actress except Rekha. I want to know that who are the five People in Bollywood you would like to meet?
Shobna ji thanks for ur question. If God gives me a Chance to meet the five Ultimate People in this World then I want to meet Maa Saraswati (Lata Mangeshkar), Rekha, Guru Ji (Gulzar ji), Jagjeet Singh and Fifth name will be Asha Bhosle, Amitabh Bacchan, Oprah Winfrey, Shah Rukh Khan.
Suhasini Rao said…
Rishabh Is it true that the Relationship of Gemini Ganeshan and Rekha was not good!pls reply
Meenal Seth said…
Dear Rishabh What u think about the most Popular Marital affairs of Bollywood Amitabh & Rekha.
Dear Suhasini ji First of all it’s not true that relationship of Gemini Genasan & Rekha was not Good.Infact Rekha always love & respect her Father . But Sometimes I felt why God Choose only Rekha for all these things?????? Suhasini ji Just think about a Baby who is just only 13 years and seeing all babies of her age who got love of both Mother and Father. At age of 13 when every Kid needs love of both Mother as well as of Father. Especially for a girl its must. When World against you then you need affection,Guidance & A feeling of Security of your Father but all these matters to those who never got love of a Father. In every step of life you need the Guidance of your Father. You need the Security and love of a father. Inspite all this Rekha won the Battle of Life without Father and any God Father and become a powerful Woman as well as the Top actress of India.
Hi Meenal. Dear first of all I am an Indian and as a Indian I respect our customs, values & Traditions and According to our culture it is always wrong but I m not hippocrate.I am very honest and as a human being I want to share what I feel personally that is Liking and marry and loving and marry are two different things. Marriage is a relation jise aapko nibhana chaieye par majburi me nahi. If u searching a new relationship after your marriage then it means clearly that there is khalipan or space between partners. I am not agreeing that a third person can break the relationship between two people. And I feel khalipan and stress comes first in a relation than a third person and it’s generally happens when you expect something from your partner and your desires not fulfill.
Life partner and soulmet are 2 different things and it’s not must that your life partner knows everything about you. Sometime after living together a long time but you don’t feel an emotional bonding with your Partner and live life as stranger to each other. This is not Love! There are lots of things which you can’t define to everyone. What you are? What you feel? What you like? And what you want? Affair is a very artificial or you can say a dramatic thing. and I m not favor any kind of artificial thing I always believe in true love with a emotional bond.Sometime a person attracts you from his attributes and Qualities and these are things which you also want in your life then it’s obvious to fall in love with him/her. Its natural and this love happened any time with anyone even after marriage but he understand you .May be this kind of strong & emotional bonding between Amitabh and Rekha. Rekha is very good lady n caring person. Then why we called this emotional bonding as an affair. At last I want to say that Bahut Sare Log Prem Karte Hai Aur Jeevan Tyaag Dete Hai Par Bahut Kam Log Aise Hote Jo Prem Ko Apna Jeevan bana lete hai. This is called true love and one more thing that Marriage never come along with a Guarantee card if it is come with guarantee card then there is no concept of Divorce in our Society .Tabhie toh shayad Raj Kapoor- Nargis, Madhubala-Dilip Kumar, Gurudutt- Waheeda Rehmaan, Meena Kumari- Dharmendra and Amitabh -Rekha ko Aaj bhi Yaad kiya Jata Hai.
madhusudan said…
Dear Rishabh I am regular viewer of ur site.I like most ur Question section but in ur last letter u mention a line that Sach ka matlab film Pardesh ka last scene. Dear i didnt got ur point so explain it if u can?
Dear Madhusuan first of all thanks to u for watching our site regularly. Really I m impressed from you that u ask such a good question from me about the last scene of film Pradesh. In this scene Ganga (Mahima Choudhary) ask to Arjun (SRK) that he loves her or not then Srk says that Ganga ye sahi nahi hai tab ganga kehti hai ki ye kaho ki yeh sahi nahi hai magar yeh kyon kehte ki pyar nahi karte. So in this way the conclusion of this scene is the Acceptance of Truth.
Anant Arora said…
First of all Congratulation to all members of Rekha the Diva that Rekha honored for Raj Kapoor Lifetime Achievement Award for their contribution to Indian cinema. Dear recently I see that Dimple kapadia done a ramp show with Kabir bedi. Hema malini and Sridevi also walk on ramp then why not Rekha?
Dear Anant Congratulation 2 u for this good news that she honoured by Maharastra Govt.Anant not only you but her all fans also eagrerly waiting for that day when she appears on Ramp & beleive me anant whenever this happens TAHALKA MACH JAYEGA. I thinks she is waiting for a right Proposal or want to do something for her fans.
Malti kashyap said…
Hi can u tell me what Rekha use for her Glowing Skin? Is it any surgery or any special kind of product? pls reply
Soma said…
Dear Moderator If you a RJ on a Radio Station then which song you play for Actress Rekha?
Dear Malti What do u think can any cream or any expensive product remove your wrinkles? No dear any product or any surgery can help to reduce fine lines and Wrinkles but can’t stop your age. Any face lift surgery or botox can help in your age slow down but can’t give you that kind of glow which shows on Rekha’s face. Once time Rekha said in her interview that I also want to meet that doctor who done work on my face? But I never read or seen about any doctor. So dear it’s very natural, that kind of glow comes when there is no negativity in your nature, in your thoughts. Its all about your transparency, how’s you feel and how beautiful you are inside and how you are Spiritual that is real glow
Thanks Soma for your interesting question. If I am a RJ on a station then I will play song
“Aayi Aisi Raat Hai Jo Bahut KhusNaseeb Hai Chahey Jise Door Se Duniya Woh Mere Kareeb Hai “”Kitna Kuch Kehna Hai Phir Bhi Hai Dil Me Sawal kahi. Sapno Me Jo Roj Kaha Hai Wo Phir Se Kahu Ya Nahi……………
Aankho Mein Teri Ajab Si Aadayain Hai Dil Ko Banade Jo Patang Saanse Teri Wo Hawaye Hai…………………….
Sushant said…
Dear Someone told me that Rekha is not an actress but also a Good Singer too. Is is true? pls reply with movies Names.
Dear Sushant
Yes your Friend is right that Rekha is not only a Perfect Actress but also a very Good Singer too. She sung very beautifully in the following Movies like:- KAHANI KISMAT KI, KASMKASH, AGAR TUM NAA HOTE, KHOOBSURAT, EK NAYA RISHTA,BACH KE REHNA RE BABA, KUDIYO KA HAI ZAMANA
Rupali Das said…
Dear Moderator tell me a Secret of Rekha?
The Secret about Rekha is that she loves me sooooo much. Just kidding.
Everybody Knows that She done her own Makeup from last 30years but Nobody knows that She also done Makeup of Actress Juhi Chawla two times One in Film One Two ka Four’s Song “ Khamoshia Gungunane lagi” and another in a Shoot for Filmfare magazine.
Ketan said…
Dear Moderator Diva Rekha done all types of roles from Sawan Bhadon to Yatra but at the age of 53 what you Expect from her?
My Dear Ketan there are lots of Expectations (not only from my side).
Everybody waiting for her Best performance. This year you can see her in two different characters. One of them is Raj Kanwar’s Sadiyaan which is based on India-Pak relationship another is Punam Sinha’s Aaj phir Jeene ki Tammnana hai, directed by Ramesh Talwar in which she played a role of Maharastrian woman. Rekha is that kind of person from which you can expect Million Miracles. There are lots of Characters which can beautifully played by Rekha like:-

Meena Kumari in Sahib, Biwi aur Gulam & Bhabhi Ki Churiyaan
Nargis in Mother India & Raat aur Din
Vajayanti Mala or you can say Chandramukhi in Devdas.
Even you can easily replce Madhuri Dixit in Anjaam & Mritudand
Tabu in Chandni bar & Astitiva and so many more…..
Asad khan said…
Dear Moderator. I heard a news that the Debut Director Siddrath Anand (Yash Raj fame) make a Movie (starer with Priyanka Chopra & Ranbir Kapoor) named with the same tiltle of “Aaj phir jeene ki Tammana hai” starer with Rekha & Satrughan Sinha.
So it’s true or false. Pls reply
Dear Asad .Its rumour only that Siddrath Anand make a Movie named Aaj phir jeene ki Tammna hai. Dear this tiltle is only reserved for Punam Sinha’s First Home Production (Rekha & Satrughan Sinha) which is directed by Ramesh Talwar.
Preti pandey said…
Hi Rishabh myself is Preti.Recently I read in HT Newspaper that Rekha used her Jwellery in Umrao Jaan pls tell me about it.
Yes Preti It is true that she used her own Jewellery in Classis Movie Umrao Jaan.
Not only in Umrao Jaan but she also used her own Costumes & jwellery in films Qilla, Aastha, Yatra. Even she used her Costumes & Jewellery for her every Shoots.
Balwinder Kaur said…
Rekha is not only the Original Diva of Bollywood but also a Fashion Guru & a Maha Style Icon for the Entire cine Industry. But I don’t understand why??? She is not doing any Reality Show, Chat Show for her fans or any Kind of Big Endorsement?
Dear Balwinder I wish………….. It could be possible.
But If you read her all interviews then you should remember that in those interviews she said that “Actually I feel personally that my standard is really very high for myself” and I can’t do like that kind of thing “Haanji ab aapki baari hai”. I feel so shy…. That is the reason she is Far away from that kind of shows and if we talk about Big Endorsements then I really wish. If she can or she should endorse herself for Nakshtra, Tanishq Diamond jewellery and some International Beauty products or for designer Sarees.
Rajesh said…
Dear Rishabh,
I want to know that has rekha ever injured during the shuting or in any movies? and has she done any action stunt herself for her movies?
Dear Rajesh
In 1976 when Rekha was first time paired with Amitabh Bacchan in Dulal Guha’s Film “Do Anjane” then a small accident took place with Rekha. In the Climax Scene when Rekha came out from a Car then her finger got badly pressed in Car Window but Rekha gave her shot without disclose it with anyone and dear Rekha done herself so many Stunt Scenes in her films like “Khoon Bhari Maang”, Phool bane Aangarey, Aurat Aurat Aurat, Ab Insaaf Hoga, Nishana, Geetanjali and some more…
Priyanka Jaiswal said…
Rishabh. I just love to read your letters. Sometime ago you wrote in letter about your meeting with Director Raj Kanwar in Mumbai regarding your tie-up with his Movie I want to Know about your next step and when movie released?
Rishabh Sharma said…
Hi Priyanka.That was a great experience with Mr. Rajkanwar. Dear there is problem with Rajkanwar. Recently he had done his two eye surgery and he is not completely well.
He likes our concept but we have to wait for sometime and Movie is releasing in December 2009.
Rupali Das said…
Dear Moderator Did you see IIfa 2009 in which Amitabh Bacchan sings some poetic lines. Is it for Rekha?
Dear Rupali what I say about it.
How can I say exactly about Mr. Amitabh that how he feels ? what he thinks?
But the way he sings some very beautiful poetic lines it seems to be that it’s all about for Rekha without saying name of any one. I also felt that those lines for Rekha only.
One more thing this is not first time when this kind of thing happened in an Award Function. In fact this is a very beautiful way to express your thoughts and feelings.
If you remember some years ago In Film fare Award Function Rekha also express her feelings in some very Beautiful Poetic lines like Jo Chate Ho So Kehte Ho Chup Rehne Ki Lajjat Kya Jano Yeh Raaze Mohabbat Hai Pyare Tum Raaze Mohabbat Kya Jano.Wallah Kya Khoob Andaaz Hai Dono Ka.
Anamika & Mona said…
Dear Rishabh we r twin Sisters Anamika n Mona. we r also a big fan of Rekha.We are Crazy about her Dressing Sense. Whatever she wear.Pls tell us who design her Clothes?
Dear Anamika & Mona. Her Designer is ……………………none other than Rekha.
Yes Dear Rekha is own designer herself from so many years. She designs her Clothes not only for Function but also for Movies. In 1980 she designs her clothes for Film “Khoobsurat” but recently designer Manish Malhotra design her Saree for Farah Khan’s Film “Om Shanti Om”
Divya said…
There is No Man, no Kid, no family, and No Happiness in her Life. I m Wondering How she can smile? Being alone how she happy in herself? I want to know your Views about it.
Dear Divya She is Such a very Strong Woman. Her Confidence shows the Positiveness of her Nature and it comes only "when you are a Good Human by Heart". She had lots of Tragic Moments in her life but she crossed all the limit of pain & fear. This not an easy task for everyone and that kind of Power & Strength given only by God. After receiving this power she becomes the Woman of world and got the real meaning of Life. How? How to live Life? How to look so beautiful? how to love yourself? These are greatest things of life which made Rekha sooooooooooo Special.
Usman said…
Dear Rishabh Recently I watch Amitabh & Soundarya Starer Film Sooryavansham. I m little bit confused about the voice of Soundarya. I felt its voice of Rekha. So tell me the truth.
Manthan Kanwadia said…
Hi Rishabh Have Rekha got any Award for Dance?
My dear Usman Diva Rekha is not only a great actress but also a brilliant dubbing master. She had done Tremendous dubbing for Smita Patil in Waaris, for Sridevi in Aakhiri Raasta and dear your guess about sooryavansham is absolutely right that Rekha did dubbing for Sondarya in Sooryavansham but you won’t believe that in Sooryavansam Rekha did dubbing not only for Sondarya but also for Jayasudha. (Both Actress in same movie)
That’s great naa.
Dear Manthan In year 1998 the U.P. Award for the Best Kathak dancer in Hindi films given to very talented Actress Rekha which is installed by the King of Kathak, Pandit Lachchu Maharaj, and this ceremony also commemorated the maestro's 97th birth anniversary. And dear you are surprised to know that she never learnt any Dance art from any Institute.
Ujjawal said…
Dear Rishabh in IIFA 2009 Mr. Bacchan express his hide Feelings in form of some poetic lines for Rekha. But Suppose if he sings a song for her then which song you expect form him for Rekha?
Dear in IIFA 2009 where Amitabh Express his Emotion, Feelings & His pain in some poetic words but dear there are so many days & billions of Moments where you can’t tell or share with anybody else that what you feel in that Moments. Anyway If Mr. Bacchan sings a song at that time for Diva Rekha then the song should be from the Film Nishabd: Rozana Mare teri Yaadon mein. Rozana……………
Ravi said…
Dear Moderator Is is rumor that Mukesh Aggrawal committed suicide because of Rekha?
Tanzim said…
Ek Khoobsurat Baat Khoobsurat Rekha ke Baare mein?
Rajesh said…
Dear Rishabh,
Rekhaji has done many other languages movies besides bollywood movies like C.I.D 999 kannad movie in 1969 with dr. raj kumar, ammakosham telgu movi in 1970,Rangula Ratanam telgu movie as baby bhanurekha in 1966, saal solvan chadya as a gues aapreance in song Gori tera rup in 1977,and fatakdi as a gues aapreance in Marathi movie and Pan khayo saiya Hamar with sujit kumar & Bandani in Bhojpuri movie if you know othe non hidi movies in which rekhaji has done work then please would you tell me?
Mohit Kalra said…
Who Popular Yoga in India? Shilpa Sheety, Rekha Or Baba Ramdev?
Rajesh said…
Dear would you tell me some movies name which rekha accepted aftre given up, rejected, removed,replaced by other actress I know some as like
Dear Ravi your thinking is very immature. Nobody can blame only one person for a not Working Relation. Dear Marriage is a Bond of Love & Trust between a Husband & Wife. Where both Knows very better to each other than others. People only can assume but the reality is between the two whether that Relation is working or Not!
The Biggest thing is that “Everything is planned by God”. Rekha was not the reason for her Husband’s Death because it was a Suicide of a person who was mentally disturbed.
If there is any misunderstanding between them like every husband & wife then it doesn’t means that one committed suicide. If it happened then it means clearly that the partner is not so strong to give care and Support and in this kind of Relationship Both Partners should be so supportive to each other in every situation. A Mature Understanding & Emotional bonding are also plays a very important role in a good Relationship. If these things are missing then Relationship doesn’t work or you can say that Relation is no more. After that incident people like you throw Stones of blame to her for this Unexpected incident but Rekha didn’t committed suicide because she is such a Strong woman and still give Happiness and Love to all through her Movies. At last I think personally that was the Biggest Mistake which She taken in her Life i.e. Wrong Selection of Man.
Dear Tanzim I have so many Khoobsurat Baatein of Bahut Khoobsurat Rekha.
But you asked only one. All of us Knows very well that Rekha is so talented, so beautiful and many more things. But dear very few people know that a very special l thing about Rekha is that she is very kind heated lady. When she going to her office or anywhere from her home and meet the beggar kids at Red light area then she call them with their Names and distribute toys, sweets & clothes among them. Unbelievable thing is that she not only knows their names but also she remembers their Birthdays. In spite of all these
Things Media never publicize it nor Rekha made Publicity for herself.
Dear Rajesh First of all thank you so much for your informative question in which you told about Rekhaji’s other Languages Film. Really I appreciate you a lot for your knowledge about Diva Rekha. Rajesh except all the film which you mentioned in your question she didn’t do any other Films and no other information is available.
Dear Mohit Nowadays Yoga has become very popular & plays a very important role in our life. For its popularity the credit goes to India’s Top Actress Shilpa Shetty & very Famous Baba Ramdev. Both are very helpful for Society to change their life style through Yoga. But I want to tell you one thing that the Concept of Yoga is not new but it was also popular before three decades and it promoted by none other than Diva Rekha. With the power of yoga she transformed her self completely and surprised the World. At that time lot of Rekha’s Yoga Videos available everywhere. Rekha also opens her own yoga center and trained the people and get benefited from it.
The Magic of yoga became her very younger to her age in Rakesh Roshan’s Khoon Bhari Maang and the Magic is still going on……..
Diva Rekha had done yoga practice in such a way that she considered as a Yoga Ideal and also introduced in reading process by the students. That was the first time in India when an actress introduce for yoga in Education.
Anyway today’s actors are also processing and give healthy suggestion to their audience and this is proved by Shilpa Shetty. Recently she launched her MediSpa center in Mumbai inaugurated by Diva Rekha.
Dear Rajesh thanks for your question and your given information is right but dear
If we talked about film Silsila then I tell you that Rekha was the first choice for the Character of Chandini in Sillsila but this film was very close to real life Diva Rekha- Amitabh & Jaya so Yash ji take a decision to replace the Rekha and Jaya. Rekha was replaced by Praveen Boby and Jaya was replaced by Smita Patil. Yash ji have two more names in his mind to replace Rekha & Jaya like Rekha- Poonam Dilloon & Jaya- Padmini Kolhapure.
After replacing the both ladies Yash Chopra was not satisfied with his own decision and then he again replaced the same cast and made Silsila very beautifully.
Except Silsila Rekha was also replaced by Sridevi in K.C Bokdia’s Phool Bane Aangarey due to incident of Mukesh Aggarwal suicide case and K.C Bokadia was full ready to reshoot with Sridevi but finally the idea was dropped. The Film Souten Ki Beti was first offered to Sridevi but Sri Devi refused due to a Mother role of Actress Dipintika and Finally Rekha did that role very Beautifully.
Ajay Manocha said…
Dear Is it true that in the last scene of Krissh Rekha cry without Glycerin?
deepak parashar said…
Dear modrator i wish to ask a question that, regulerly we are reading your letters at rishabh's letter link. just i would like suggest that our site is globely flashed and letters flashed in Hindi Language so there is approximately 55% peoples knows hindi so these letters should be wrote in English language, hindi is the our mother tounge but we have to flash our emotions and thinkings to non hindi or non indian residents. think about it and i wating for respons.
Rajesh said…
who are best friends of Rekhaji in film industries according to me meena kumari, mothers pushpavalli, shavtri, and B. sarojadevi were rekahji,s best friends and then neetu singh, yogitabali are two close friends of rekhaji , farzana also her close friend and now days each young actor actress want to be friends of rekhaji would you tell me about controvercy to other actor actress with rekhaji?
Sachin Parmar said…
Dear Moderator- Rishabh
I am sachin parmar i think that you are the great fan of rekhaji do you think other person who great fan of rekhaji do you know them would you tell me their name?
Dear Ajay yes it is true that in the last scene of Krissh (When she met her Son after a long period) Rekhaji cried without Glycerin but this is not first time. If you remember the Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s film Khoobsurat. In which Dada Muni (Ashok Kumar) got Heart Attack .In that scene she cried without Glycerin at that time.
Hi Dear Deepak I still remember an Interview which she gave in 1990 during the Shooting of Phool Bane Angarey. She said that “Mujhe Bahut Saare Type Kiye Hue Khat Milte Hain Par Main Type Kiye Hue Khato Ka Jawab Nahi Deti . Main Kisi Bhi Rishte Mein Pura Dene Mein Vishwas Rakhti Hu aur Kisi Bhi Adhure Sanwad mein Mera Vishwas Nahi Hai” and She loves Hand written letters in Hindi. She also Says that Hindi Ek Aisi Bhasha Hai Jisme Hum "Bhavo, Bhangimao"Ko Jitni Acchi Tarah Se Pesh Kar Sakte Hain Utni Duniya ki Kisi Aur Bhasha Mein Nahi. And I strongly believe that the Segment Rishabh’s Letters is the Most Favorite Segment of her because of Beauty of Hindi Language. That’s why I wrote my all Letters in only hindi & I can’t change it at any Cost.
Hi Sachin .first of all thanks to u for watching the Site n for Ur Question. Dear I am not agree with you that I am a Big Fan of Diva Rekha. I think that there are so many people around the World who love her, adore her so much and more than me but you ask ….

In My Life whatever I heard, see or read and understand about so many people but personally What I Feel about true love then I must say that if there is No Madness then there is No Love.

A true love is that when you do it with full of Junoon or you can say that Puri Siddat ke Saath. When you love with honesty and Purity like a Prayer, Pooja or Ibadat of God and in my life I feel all these things in a person that is My True Friend Amit who is also the Communicator of this prestigious website Rekha the Diva.

Nitesh is my one of very dear friend who is not a Rekha Fan but what he did for her Nobody Can! This is a live example of True Love.

Except Amit n Nitesh I have a very Special friend named Rajesh but the surprising thing is that I never met or seen Rajesh.
He is very active and a regular visitor of our Site. Believe me he has great importance for me than my team members. His love and dedication towards Rekhaji is beyond the words. Really he is such a great Guy. And I think that they are the biggest fan of Rekha and I salute them .Love you Guys.
Hi Rajesh. Dear If U talked about her true Friends in Bollywood then I want to add some more names except you mention in your Question. Lets Starts with Late Smita Patil was her one of Close Friend. After Smita Death Rekha dubbed her Movies without Charged any fee. Rekha is very close to Kapoor Family from a very long time. She is not only a very good friend of Neetu Singh (Kapoor) but also very good Friend of Jennifer Kapoor (Late wife of Shashi Kapoor) who also acted in film 36 chowrangi lane & Junoon .Rekha was also so close to Mrs. Krishna Raj Kapoor (Late wife of Raj Kapoor). Except the Kapoor Ladies Diva Rekha also a very good Friend of all Randhir Kapoor (Dabbu), Shashi Kapoor and Rishi Kapoor (Chintu) Amazing Na? Rekha and Hema also are very Good Friends.Friendship of Rekha & Sridevi was so popular in Industry. Sridevi learnt Make tips, Dressing Styles etc from Rekha. After Sridevi many new actress respect her, love her so much like Juhi, Manisha,Karishma,Rani,Aish,Preity,Shilpa, Sushmita & Priyanka .
And if we talked about the Controversy between Rekha and other actress then the Names of Jaya, Shabana & Raveena comes in to list but reality is that Rekha has no Controversial issue with anyone infact she didn’t give any comment or reply to anyone. All the credit goes to Media for all this things.
Bharat Hingla said…
Moderator-Rishabh Sharma
Hi i am friend of Rajesh Brahmne he had recommended about this site when i saw this site i shocked and surprised that how great fans are here of rekhaji infect i also like to rekhaji i have hered that Rekhaji is writing and making autobiography and movie . is it true?
Hi Bharat how r you? Dear first of all I want to say Thanks to you for your Feedback. Dear like you we already heard this news from last 10 years that Rekha wants to write her autobiography, wants to make a film on it. & wants to direct a film. So this news is not new for me but if we talked about direction then it is to be said that Vasu Bhattacharya’s Aastha was almost directed by Rekha.On behalf of my knowledge & thinking that she didn’t write her autobiography and not make any movie at least 4-5 years. The main thing is that there is no confirmation of Rekha herself that she is writing her autobiography and makes a film on it. Phir bhi if it is true then its great for her fans.
Kanchan said…
Dear Rishabh,
I think Rekha done only two movies opposite with Satrughan Sinha i.e. Khoon Bhari Maang and Upcoming film Aaj Phir Jeene Ki Tammana Hai. Except these two is there any movie of both?
Dear Kanchan first of all thanks 2 you watching our site and for your Question. Dear Except Khoon Bhari Maang & Upcoming Film Aaj Phir Jeene Ki Tammana Hai. Diva Rekha and Satrughan did the following films together
Do Yaar, Parmatma, Jani Dushman & Maati Maange Khoon.
Rinku Kumar said…
Hi Dear my question is that why you choose only Rekha ji for your site? not any other Actress?
Tammana said…
Dear Rishabh,
I noticed so many times that Rekha always praised Aishwarya because she is Bacchan’s Bahu?
Oh my God again Controversy????
Dear Tammana the bonding of Mam Re n Aish is not new it’s begin from Aish’s Childhood.
(1) According to Aish Once upon a time when I was a Kid and went to Rekha ji’s banglow to take her Autograph with my School Friends. I still remember that she sat in her Lawn, her hairs were open and she had a white Bindi on her forehead and she looking soo Beautiful. I was at last in that crowd but she called me and loves me & gave me her Autograph.
(2) Me and my mother went to Shopping in a big departmental Store of Mumbai till then I have no name and fame. Just a long car stopped and a beautiful lady came out from it .She directly came to me and said “Hi I m Rekha”. You are soo beautiful and someday you go very high. Before I said something to her she was gone and after some time I was selected for Miss India.
(3) In the Premier party of Sanjay Bhansali’s Film “Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam” the Director Mohan Saigal (Director of Sawan Bhadon i.e. Rekha’s first film) said to Rekha that Rekha you looks so beautiful in this Film then Rekha said Mohan ji She is not me She is a new Girl Aishwarya. At that time I was also behind them. then I Smiled and said Mam it’s a great compliment for me.
So dear Tammana all these example shows that Rekha Praised Aish not Bacchan’s Bahu.
Cindrella Michael said…
Is that true Rekha gives her interviews only to Editors?
Medhavani Rai said…
I want to know about all those things which Makes Rekha a Trend Setter?
Moderator- Rishabh sharma said…
Dear Rinku,
There are so many reasons to choose Rekha for our Concept and Theme because:-

Rekha is the Diva of Bollywood. She is not only the most Powerful Woman in Indian Cinema but also a Legend in Indian cinema who wrote a History in Bollywood. Rekha is the only one Actress who Completing 4 decades of her Carrier. Really it is Impossible in Men world. Being a woman she has portrayed her Persona as an Indian Woman of Substance. She had given Beauty and Grace to Indian Cinema through her Unmatched Talent. In her 40 years Carrier she worked with all Top Directors like Hrikesh Mukherji to Farah Khan, All Top Heroes like Dilip Kumar to Akshay Kumar. As a Heroine she gave so many great performance like Silsila, Umrao Jaan, Muqaddar Ka Sikandar, Ghar, Khoobsurat, Utsav, Izzazat, Agar Tum Na Hote, Aalaap, Imaan Dharam, Do anjane, Kalyug, Vijeta, Basera, Sansaar, Jaal, Jeevan Dhara, Mujhe Insaaf Chahiye, Khoon Bhari Maang, Phool Bane Angarey, Khildiyo Ka Khiladi, Aastha, Zubeida, Lajja and many more……………..
She is Excellent in both Commercial as well as in off beat Cinema.
She got four Film fare Awards and got 10 times Nomination for Best Actress in Film fare Awards. Except it she also won a National Award and so many more awards in several categories like Diva, Forever Diva, Most Fashionable, and Maha Style Icon.
Rekha is Mystique, Elegant, Alluring, Enigma and a fashion Guru.
Her Culture, her walk, her talk, her Body Language, her Looks all are superb.
She has still that kind of Sensuality which has no Indian Actress. She gives a new meaning of Indian Cinema. She is real a Glamour Queen. Rekha set a Trend for New Generation. She is a Timeless & Ageless Beauty. She stills Sizzles. Neither Time nor age has rubbed off the sheen from her Star Quality and she is still the Queen of Million Hearts. She is Star of Millennium. Diva Rekha has a Beautiful Chemistry of Qualities of Uniqueness, dignity and a Beauty of being Woman.
She is a Great Human Being and the Power of women.
Her magic is still going on……………………
Moderator- Rishabh sharma said…
Yes Cinderella It is true that Diva Rekha gives her interviews only to Editors.
Rekha has that kind of Persona as being a beautiful, Mystique woman. Nobody can enter in to her World. She makes herself so high in Glamour world and almost Not Reachable for everyone. She avoids Media, Press, Public Appearances, Interviews coz of usually yellow journalism. That’s why she gave only her interview to Editors. But there are some honest journalists who are Rekha’s favorites like Khalid Mohammad, Jitesh Pillai, Anuradha Choudhary & Bhawna Somaya.
Moderator- Rishabh sharma said…
Yes dear you can say that Rekha is the real trendsetter. She is a trendsetter from last 30years and still she set the trend for Next Generation. She displayed the tenacity to reinvent herself in steps with times. Rekha set the trend of Open hairs, smack a bindi on forehead when her film Ghar was released in 1978. Her two Chotiyaans look was so popular among all the girls when her movie Khoobsurat was hit. Her Chiffon Sarees, white Chooridar suits, heavy lip gloss means a complete magic of Chandini in Silsila creates a craze everywhere. Jwellery of Utsav,Costumes of Pyar ki Jeet and a loose long Choti, sindoor starts with forehead, mangalsutra becomes very popular through her film Sada Suhagan, Maang Bharo sajna, Izzazat, basera, sansaar and the Magic of perfect lipliner, define eyes, heavy mascara still copying in every TV serial film. There are so many actress and Models who copied her look and makeup from the days of Khoon Bhari Maang.
Pawan Sabhawal said…
Can you tell me Something "real" about "real Rekha"?
Moderator said…
Dear Pawan ji Rekha is not a real Diva but also a Real person too. Very few people knows that She is a Great Painter and she wants to set a Exhibition for her paintings and Photoframes which she made with dry leaves and Pista cells. Except all these Dive Rekha wants to Launch a Label for children Clothes designed by her. She is planing from a long time to launch a music alnums of songs sung by her and she had also written her views on the World for a limited edition of Mini Booklets.
So dear this a real Diva Rekha.
Kshitiz Bhatia said…
Dear Moderator Is is true that Simi Gerewal had to wait a long gap of 20 years for an Interview of Evergreen Rekha??
Heena Khan said…
Tell me the Strongest Points of Actress Rekha.
Moderator- Rishabh Sharma said…
Oh my God! 20 years long wait….. Said Simi Gerewal in her interview about Rekha. Really it’s very surprising that Simi had to wait 20 years for her interview with Rekha in her Programme “Rendezvous with Simi Gerewal”. Generally Rekha never gives any TV interviews but when Simi approached Rekha for her Show’s 100th episode on Star World Channel then Diva Rekha said Simi please give me some time…. and it took 20 years to earn her Trust. Finally Rekha agreed to gave her Exclusive interview. Dear Kshitiz not only Simi even Sawan Kumar had to wait 15 years to do a film named Mother 98 with Rekha.
Moderator- Rishabh Sharma said…
Dear first of all thanks to you for this interesting question. Rekha has so many strong points in her personality like her Voice. The depth of her voice is amazing .Infact Rekha’s voice is Rekha’s soul. I think she has the best voice in the entire Cine Industry. Rekha knows very well how to use it as best. She uses perfectly the Ups n downs and expressions of her voice. She uses her voice like a SARGAM and uses her voice according to the Shades of Characters which she played. Just remember the magic of Diva Rekha’s voice in her 10 different Shades like Madam Maya in KKK, Amiran in Umrao Jaan, Chandini in Silsila, Nimmo in Basera, Anju in Khoobsurat, Jyoti in Khoon Bhari Maang, Sudha in Ijaazat, Namrita in Phool Bane Aangarey, Mansi in Aastha & Ramdulari in Lajja. Even you feel the magic of her voice when she is off screen in Aakhiri Raasta, Waaris, and Sooryavansham. So dear this is the greatest and strongest points of Diva Rekha.
Uzma said…
Dear Moderator I read somewhere Jawed Akhtar’s statement that I don’t think Rekha is not a great Actress. I impressed by her only in Krissh. So what do you think?
Moderator- Rishabh Sharma said…
Dear Uzma If I say Jawed Akhtar is not great lyricist and I don’t think that he wrote good songs in his carrier except of Silsila and Refugee.
Then how’s he feels?? But Rekha is not that kind person who never gives any statement or Comment to anybody .So jawed Sahab its not suits to your Personality & we don’t expect this kind of thing from you.
Riddhima Nagpal said…
I heard that Rekha is “Manglik” and She is not lucky for Married Life??
Yes Riddhima it is absolutely true that Diva Rekha is Manglik but its not true that Manglik girls are not lucky for their Married Life. I have seen so many couples who are Manglik and they lived their life happily like Aish & Abhishek. One more thing dear I don’t believe that kind of thing.
Mosin said…
Amitabh to Akshay Kumar so many Heart breaks in Rekha's Life but Why???
Yes Riddhima I don’t believe in the Concept of “Manglik” and definitely I m agree for this Marriage but dear don’t mind You asked such a silly question from me.
Dear Mosin when you are in a Relationship then you need an emotional Security with an honest Commitment. Or you can say that When you are in love then Insaan Izhaar Na Sahi Ekrar toh chahega. But if you feel that the Relation is not working then the intelligent thing is that to walkout with Good Memories like….
Flora jones said…
Dear Rishabh "Agar Rekha ka Naam Rekha nahi hota toh kya Hota" ?
Parmeet Singh said…
Congratulation to Rekha on Completing Marvellous 39 years in Bollywood but dear i m surprised that How she Stand as a herione from last 39 years?
Whats her secrets?
Dear Flora Agar Rekha ka Naam Rekha nahi hota toh Unka Naam Sridevi Hota because Sridevi toh sirf Sridevi hai magar Rekha toh Sach me Ek Devi Hai. Dear I m kidding ….
Dear God Choose a right name for a right person. But phir bhi Agar Rekha ka Naam Rekha nahi Hota toh kuch nahi hota ………Kyonki Sahi Mayeno main woh ek Antheen Rekha hai.
Dear Parmeet first sorry to you for giving answer to you very late.
but Now I tell you the biggest secret of Rekha is her “Confidence”. Really her Confidence level is so high and on behalf of this Confidence she converts all impossible things in to possible.
Like She transforms herself Ugly to Beautiful, Minus to Plus. She transforms Z Black in to White. This is an impossible thing for everyone. Media always publicize her with a wrong Image. Media always criticizes and blames her for every Happening in her Life.

There is lot of Confusion about her life because of Yellow Journalism. People always misunderstood Rekha even they don’t know anything about her life, love, relationship. Marriage & family. But it was Rekha very true, Transparent, Honest and Pure like Ganga and she cross all exams with her Confidence and that Confidence comes only with Truth.

In 1991 when Mukesh Aggarwal committed suicide that was time when the whole World was against her and treat her reason for this Mis-happining. That was Maha AgniPariksha for Rekha and she crossed that very well. After all this she never give-up. She gave silver Hit “”Phool Bane Angarey. That was the Confidence or Rekha. Whenever it is said or written that Rekha’s Carrier is finished then Rekha done a Magic with Ultimate hits like Khoon Bhari Maang, Phool Bane Angarey, Khilidiyo Ka Khiladi, Aastha. All these films are Successful on Box- Office. With the help of her Confidence she done worked with half age actress n actors like Raveena, Karishma, Mallika,Mahima, Kim,n now Hrishta Bhatt , Akshay, Arshad warsi, Anil kapoor, Manoj Bajpai. And sometimes she did Item song. That was the confidence of Rekha and she is the strongest person& most Powerful Woman I have ever seen in my Life.
Sherin said…
Hello Rishabh Hru?
I love ur Poetic words which U wrote in ur Letters. so say something about Rekhaji in your Shayrana Andaaz.
Thanks you so much Sherin that You like my poetic words n appreciates my writing skills. If I say something about Diva Rekha in my Shayrana Andaaz then I will say "Zamana Chahe Usko lakh Bura Kehta hai Magar Mujko Woh Mera Khuda Lagta hai."
Kamna said…
Hi Rishabh how r U? I watch your site completely and you are looking good in your Profile's snaps so tell me how many girl friends you have?
Dear Kamna I m fine n what abt U?
This is not a BIG Asset to have so many Girl friends but It is a BIG Asset How many Good Friends you have! Anyway I have so many Girl friends and all are very Good Friends of mine.
Nancy said…
Why Rekha Appears alone in every Function?
Dear Nancy I don't understand what you mean to say OR why you asked this question? Dear the word alone doesn't make a sence lonely. Being a Single Woman she lives alone and thats why she Usually come alone in a fuction. It is said that "The Perfect People always reamin alone".
"Aur Jaha tak Baat Dosti ki hai ab Unka kisi bhi "Gahre Riste" mein Yakeen nahi raha hai kyonki Logo ne unhe Dost bankar hi loota hai"
Aditi said…
I heared that after the breakup Vinod mehra & Rekha. She trying to Suicide to take Tik-20! so pls tell me is it true or just a fake news?
Uday said…
Dear Rishabh after seeing your website it should be declared worldwide that Rishabh is biggest fan of Diva Rekha and being as the biggest Fan of Rekha you should participate in Karan Johor’s new Program “Main hu Sabse Bada Fan”. So I want to know that if you got any invitation from the program then would you like to go there or not?
Moderator- Rishabh Sharma said…
Dear Aditi there are many controversies about Rekha & Vinod Mehra’s relationship& breakup. Actually Rekha is that kind of person who “live her every relation like love” with her full dedication. (Puri Siddhat ke Saath) In 1978 during the shooting of film Ghar” Rekha & Vinod were very close to each other and Rekha was so sentimental and possessive about her relationship. After breakup the relation ship with vinod mehra there are some confusion in media that Rekha took Tic -20 and tried to suicide. After sometime according to some sources it’s disclosed that Rekha eat poisoned Upma. (Due to cockroach) but there was no proof that what is true? Whatever was the reason Rekha Apne har Rishte ko lekar itni Bhawuk rahi hai ki wo pyar ke liye apni jaan bhi de Sakti hai.
Moderator- Rishabh Sharma said…
Dear Uday first of all thank you soo much for watching the site a declare me as the biggest fan of Rekhaji but dear I am not agree with you that I m the Biggest fan of Rekhaji. Infact this is not Deewangi for me n my team but it’s our Dream, Passion & Aim of our Life. So I don’t believe in any that kind of show. But if I got that kind of invitation then …Ummmmm…..??????...... Time will tell you but you have to wait dear!
Tejesvani Nagpal said…
Dear tell me the Difference between Rekha(80's- 90's)and today's Rekha?
Dear Tejesvani there is a Zameen- Aasmaan ka fark between yesteryear Rekha & Today’s Rekha.If you talk about her acting skill or you talk about her Beauty. She became a Style Icon, Diva, A Superstar, A Glamour Queen and A Legend. She is still getting much brighter & more glowing day by day but I feel that something is lost in these 40 years. What is that?? That is Real Rekha! The Glow and Shine of her face which we seen today that is Glow of Spirituality , glow of her inner Beauty, glow of her Confidence, Glow of her Experience But if you want to see the Real Rekha and her Real Glow then see her Movies Suhaag, Mr. Natwarlal,Muqaddar ka Sikandar and other Movies before 80’s. And after 80’s "Woh Khushi woh Chamak" I have never seen in Rekha.So dear this is the big difference which I found in these 40 years.
Faizan said…
Dear Moderator Tell me about your Future Planning & Project?
Dear Faizan There are Lots of Planning & Projects in our Pipeline i.e Rekha the Diva is going to tie-up with her Upcoming Satrughan Production’s film Aaj Phir Jeene Ki Tammana Hai.Except it I am writing a Book on Diva Rekha titled “Rekha-An Untold Story- The Complete Truth” In which you seen her True colors.
Prakhar rai said…
What you like to call Rekha- Soundrya ki Devi Ya Abhinay ki Devi?
Dear No Doubt Rekha is one and only one Actress whom you say both Soundrya ki Devi & Abhinay ki Devi But personally I feel She is Prem ki Devi because She is full of love . She loves everyone- her Family, her fans, her co- Stars, her Staff, her pets.
Mousam Sethi said…
Dear friend Why don’t Rekha do Bigg Boss kind superhit Show??
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