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Dear Mousam ji I think you didn’t read all Que- Ans of this segment. If not then I tell you once again that she don’t want to do any TV show and can’t act like “Haanji ab aapki Barri hai”. She feels so uncomfortable and she finds her standard very very high for herself. Even I don’t like to see her or wish… in Not any Bigg Boss even Bigg Brother Show.
If we think about the Concept of Winning Bigg Boss which is based on Honesty, Transparency, Patient and loyalty so I don’t think that she has no need to prove this because she is True Winner of Life.
stuti said…
Hi Moderator I am Stuti. I know that the film Sawan Bhadon was the first hindi film but before Sawn Bhadon Rekha did some other languages films too. so please tell me something about them.
Dear Stuti first of all I want to clear one thing to you that Sawan Bhadon wasn’t the first hindi film of Rekha Because Ram aur Shyam (1967) was the first Hindi Film of Rekha. In it a Birthday song “Aayi hain bharien mitte julmo Sitam”was picturised on Dilip Kumar with some little girls and Baby Bhanurekha was one of them. But nobody knows that one day that simple little girl became the Diva and ruled over Indian Cinema. Except this film Rekha appeared as a child actor in the telegu film Rangula Ratnam in 1966 and after it She made her debut as heroine in the successful Kannada film Goadalli CID 999 with Dr. Rajkumar in 1969.
dipti said…
Dear Tell me about the first crush of Rekha?
malti said…
Why Rekha always talk about Amitabh in her every interview?
Dear Dipti
Jitendra was the first crush of Rekha.
Baby Bhanu Rekha was the biggest fan of Jumping Jack (Jitendra)
In her Childhood days Jitendra was a big name in Industry. When Baby Bhanu Rekha came to see Mumbai along with her mother Pushapavali (Famous Actress of South). She wanted to meet her favorite hero and went to a studio where jitendra was shooting a romantic scene with his heroine. After seeing her favorite hero in that situation she felt so bad and had tears in her eyes. And she decide to return back from studio suddenly jitendra analyzed the situation and called up baby Bhanu Rekha and loved her and told her that all this is just a filmi scene not reality? But that time baby Bhanu Rekha don’t know that in future she will do movies opposite with his favorite hero Jitendra.
Dear malti, this is absolutely wrong that Rekha always talk about Amitabh in her every interview I read so many interviews without a single word about Amitabh.
Basically Amitabh is favorite topic of all Journalists and they generally ask question about him and she gave answer to them or you can say that
She loves him so much like her every relation but I don’t know why you ask this question. Amitabh is great actor and a wonderful person and entire world love him so much so why not Rekha?Dear one more thing that loving to each other is not a crime if it then why we say Love is God.
Aapki is baat ka jawab yeh bhi ho sakta tha magar yeh us Gehre Rishte ke saath Nyay nahi hai jisse who khud ko aaj tak mukt nahi kar payi hai. Kuch Rishte aise hote hai jo Zindgi se bhi bade ho jate hain. Who Rishta jisne aapko jeena shikhaya , kai sau jeevan de jate hain jeene ke liye. Aise rishte dosti, pyar, aur Shaadi se bhi upar ho jate hain. Shayad yeh sab aapko sirf Philosophy lage magar kisi ke liye yeh jeevan ki sacchai hai. Shayad tabhie jahan aaj log apni pehchaan bhul gaye hain aur woh ek naam tak nahi bhuli tabhie shayad us prem ko aaj who apna Guru Maanti hai.
Firdosh Hussain said…
Dear Rishabh Which was the first thing of Rekha that connects you to her?
himani said…
Mr. Sharma kya yeh sach hai ki film Izazat ki main Nayika (Actress) pehle Rekha nahi thi?
Moderator-Rishabh Sharma said…
Dear Rajesh Thanks for sharing this great news that Dilip Kumar’s fan want to release Film AAG KA DARIYA. This is a gift not only for Dilip sahib but also all fans of Diva Rekha around the entire World. We hope this film release very soon and we enjoy the amazing performance of Rekha ji & Yusuf Saheb.
Moderator-Rishabh Sharma said…
Dear Firdosh ji I still remember…….. that interview which I read when I was a Kid where late Smita patil ask to Rekha” Tum itna sab kaise bardast kar leti ho? Tumahari jagah agar main hoti toh mar hi jati” then Rekha said “”Bhagwan gum aur dukh usi ko dete hain jisme sehne ki shakti ho. after read this beautiful thought I connect the person Rekha.
Moderator-Rishabh Sharma said…
Dear Himani ji ha yeh sach hai ki pehle Rekha wale kirdar ko Rakhi nibhane wali thi aur Anuradha patel wala kirdar Rekha dwara nibhaya jana tha magar Rekha ko Patni wali bhumika jyada pasand thi aur unhone patni wale role ko karne ke liye film ke Director Gulzar ji ko mana hi liya aur finally Naseer ki Patni wala kirdar Rekha ji ke dwara aur Premika wala kirdar Anuradha patel dwara bakhubi nibhaya gaya.
Rajesh Brahmne said…
Dear Rishbh I heared that Rekhaji had helped to sridevi in make up tips and she had taught to sridevi charlie chaplin 's acting for Mr.India movie. Is it true?
Chander said…
Dear can you tell what kind of role Rekha’s plays in her upcoming Film “Aaj Phir Jeene Ki Tammana Hai”
Dear Rajesh YES its true that Diva Rekha always teached Sridevi about Makeup & Dressing Styles. At the time of film Mr. India both were not closed to each others but Sri followed brilliantly Rekha’s acting rules & tips, specially her mimic styles and done her best in Charlie Chaplin Scenes of Mr. India.
Dear Chander I think film "Aaj phir Jeene Ki Tammana Hai"is the most awaited film for Rekhaji’s fans with some interesting reasons like-
(a) After a long wait of 22 years-Khoon Bhari Maang the two Legends Rekha – Satrughan Sinha comeback together with it.

(b) After a long time Rekha got a chance to play a full length & interesting role,Rekha plays a role of Satughan Sinha’s wife and Mr. Sinha doing Romance with his young Secretary – Hrishta Bhatt

(c) The most important & interesting thing is that from this film Rekha is going to give a tough Competition to Hrishta Bhatt. It's always very interesting for all Rekha fans when she compete with Raveena in Khiladiyo ka Khiladi & Bulandi, with Karishma in Zubeida, with Mallika Sherawat in Bach ke rehne re Baba and Now Hrishta Bhatt.
So dear just wait and see the magic of Evergreen Diva Rekha.
Paarkhi Mehra said…
Mass to Class – Every one copying Rekha’s looks, Makeup, styles & Dressing sense. Ever she copied anyone???
Dear Paarkhi thank you so much for your interesting Question.
Dear When Diva Rekha started her Carrier in 1970’s, at that time Mumu (Mumtaz) was on the Top and her styles were very popular among all Indians. So all directors of Rekha’s film expect all the things of Mumtaz from her heroine Rekha. Rekha brilliantly copied Mumtaz’s look, her styles, her makeup and her dressing Styles even her Lips movements but dear all that was directors and public Demand and she fulfilled that very beautifully & brilliantly.
Arijit said…
Dear have you seen Rekha at the screen awards. She is fabulous. The only thing that I can’t agree to is why was she crying when Amitabh received the award?? She is a strong woman. Public display of emotion is something that I don’t expect from a woman of substance like her.
Dear Arijit as you know very well that crying is a Natural thing and we all cries sometimes but it does not mean that you are not a Strong person! But why people ask Question if She Cry??? Till I know her that she is a very sensitive and a Wonderful Human Being.
May be cried to see the Affection & Ultimate bonding of a Father - Son. (Amitabh- Abhishek) which she was searching in her life since her Childhood days.
or May be she was remembering that Unforgettable & beautiful moment when she met her Father (Gemini Ganeshan) on the same Stage and honestly I was also cried after seeing the film “Paa” .One more thing dear Why she crying? She is the only one who gives answer to this but it’s like similar to that “Kabhie khud pet toh Kabhie Haalat pe Rona aaya…….
M. patil said…
Who is the Best between Rekha n Jaya Bhaduri?
Dear Mr. Patil If I talk about Jayaji then I will say She is a “Janamjaat Abhinetri”.
I respect her soo much and love her almost every performance like Koshish, Anamika, Abhimaan, Guddi, Chupke-Chupke, Mili, Jawani –Deewani and so many more…
I like her Saadgi as well as her Sanjidgi. Clearly there is No Doubt that She is a Wonderful Actress but….
BUT we can’t replace Oooops even can’t imagine the Character which is played by Rekha. Infact there is no replacement of Rekha in the Entire Bollywood. Just remember the films Umrao Jaan, Muqaddar ka Sikandar, Utsav, Ghar, Khoon Bhari Maang, Phool bane Aangaarey, Khildiyo ka Khiladi, Aastha ……………
From these movies Rekha gives a very high Standard, a height to Bollywood through her Unmatched & True talent. She gives her soul, her Fragrance and dignity in her each n every Role and gives messages to all.
himani said…
Sabse pehle Rekhaji ko Padma Shri Award se sammanit kiye jane par bahut bahut Badhai. Is Subh awsar par aap sabhie ko bhi hardik Subkaamnaaye. Rishabh ji Iss subh awsar par aapki kya rai hai?
Srishti said…
After reading all entries of lets discuss segment you don’t think that every dialogue is very similar to Rekha's life?
Dear Himani Aapne wo kahawat toh suni hi hogi ki “ Aandha Baate Rewdi Sirf Apno Ko Hi De” Ji haan yeh theek aisi hi baat hai.
Khair Rekhaji ko Padma Shri milna jaha ek aur unke krodo chahne walo ke khushi ki baat hai wahi dusri aur Bharat Sarkar ke liye yeh ek Shram ki Baat hai . Aur toh aur Rekha Jaisi Mahan Abhinetri ke Saath yeh Nyay nahi hai. Yeh na sirf unka Apmaan hai balki Kala ka Apmaan bhi hai. Pichle Saalo mein jis tarah se Sarkar yeh Purashkar Baat rahi hai? Ji haan yeh baatna hi hai, Agar yeh sach mein Desh ka Sabse bada Samman hai toh yeh sirf Unko hi milna chaiye jo sahi Maaeyno me iske Kaabil hain. Agar hum us khaas fehrist par nazar dale toh sirf Iss Natije par pahunchge ki yeh Purashkar kala ko nahi balki Rutbe aur Lokpriyta ko diye ja rahe hain. Agar Aisa nahi toh abhi aise bahut Sare Naam hain Jinhone apni Zindgi Kala ko Samarpit kar di aur Aaj bhi wo Iss Samman se Vanchit hain. Agar aap Gor farmaye toh Rekha se pehle ye Samman jin logo ko diya gaya hai wo kahi bhi Rekha ke Samkash nahi hai. Yadi hum Rekhaji ki baat kare toh yaha main aapko batana chahunga ki pichle 4 Dashko se Bhartiya Cinema Jagat par Raaj karne wali Rekha Hindustan ki pehli Maha Naayika hain Jinhone Pichle 40 saalo main 200 se jyada Kirdaro ko Jeeya aur ek se Badhkar Yaadgaar filmien di.. wo Ekmatra Adakara aisi hai Jinhone sabse Jyada Mahila Pradhan Filmin karke “Aurat ” shabd ko Sarthak kiya hai. Aaj wo jis unchain par hai waha tak Pahucne mein unki apni kadi Mehnat aur Lagan ka Yogdaan hai Aur Awards ke Maamle mein unke saath Kabhie bhi Nyay nahi hua hai aur iss Baar bhi……
Aaj unka Kad itna Uncha hai ki Padma Shri ya Padma Bhushan jaise Awards unke aage Chote lagte hain. Unka Abhinay ka Sahi Samman toh sirf “Bharat Ratna” hai.
At last I want to say She is the Queen of Bolllywood as well as the Pride of India.
Dear Srishti I still remember a interview of her inwhich she said “Yahan toh Yaar Dialogue bhi Khud likhne padte hain, Camere ke angle bhi Sochne padte hain “ Vaise bhi she is Multi talented person so it may she writes her films dialogues.
metali said…
Did u see that Vidhya Balan totally look like Rekha in the Star Screen Awards 2010 ?
Dear Metali you are absouletly right that Vidhya Balan totally look like Rekha ji in the Star Screen Awards 2010 when I saw Vidhya Balan in Star Screen Award function suddenly I thought She was Rekha but I was wrong. Dear not only you everyone was so surprised to saw Vidhya in Diva Rekha’s looks.
And dear if we talked about the brilliant performance of Vidhya in Film Paa then you must thought that She is truly inspired by Rekha. Vidhya’s acting, her Expressions, her Style even her Sarees were copied from Rekhaji.
And dear this is not a new thing for us there are so many actress who copying Rekha so why not Vidhya?
Sonu Scahdeva said…
Rekha itni Gori kaise hui? Kya Unhone apni body ka Rang (color)badalwaya hai????
Rajesh Brahmne said…
Dear Rishabh,
Star Screen Awards 2010 me vidhya balan ne Rekhaji ki hair style ,dressing style ko apanaya tha aur unhi ki tarah lag rahi thi Isse pahle bhi kai actress ne Rekha ki copy ki hai jaise film MITTI AUR SONA me SONAM ne Rekhaji ki hi puri nakal ki hai aur us ne yeh accept bhi kiya tha, Us ke bad JUHI CHAWALA ne Rekhaji ki hair style aur unki tarah make up karke hotho ke upar unki tarah kala til lagakar photo setion kiya tha tab vah vaki Rekhaji ki tarah hi lag rahi thi, us ke bad PRITY ZINTA ne film THE LAST LEAR me rekhaji ki tarah hi Silsila style me hair style aur unke sari pahan ne ka tarika apnaya tha aur bhi koi actress hai jo rekhaji ki copy ki hai?
Dear Sonu ji Iss Duniya mein aisa kon hai jo Gora hona nahi chata shayad aap bhi?
Agar (color change)aisa hota toh shayad Puri Duniya mein koi bhi Kala nahi hota aur toh aur koi African bhi nahi.
Aur aap jis Rekha ki Baat kar rahi hain wo 70 ke Dashak ki Rekha thi. 80 ke Dashak tak aate aate unka Sawnlapan dhul gaya aur unka rang din priti din Nikharta gaya aur Yeh Kamaal tha unki acche Khaan-paan. Unke Yoga ,Aur sabse Khaas baat unke Aatm Vishwaas ka jiske hone se aaj bhi wo ek behad Khoosurat Adakara hone ke saath ek bahuuuut Khoobsurat Insaan bhi hain.
Rajesh Brahmne said…
Dear Rishab

mai kai bar ulajan me pad jata hu aur ajib bhi lagta hai ki kuch rekhaji ki movoies nomination aur award ke liye deserve karti hai lekin us ko nomination nahi diya jata aur
jo award ke liye deserve nahi karta un actress ko nomination diya jata hai khas kar ke main unki movie ASTHA, DIL HAI TUMHARA,BHOOT ki bat kar raha hu in movies ke samne dusree actress ko nomination mila vah muje nahi lagta ki vo un ke liye deserve karti thi aap kya kahte ho rishabh?
Dear Rajesh,
Diva Rekha set the trend of Open hairs, smack a bindi on forehead when her film Ghar was released in 1978. After Ghar when Film Khoobsurat released Rekha’s two Chotiyaans look was so popular among all the girls .From Yash Chopra’s Silsila Rekha set a Trend of Chiffon Sarees, white Chooridar suits& heavy lip gloss then Jwellery of Utsav, Costumes of Pyar ki Jeet and a loose long Choti, Sindoor starts with forehead, mangalsutra becomes very popular between Bollywood‘s Actress and Models. Sridevi became no. 1 after getting the beauty tips from Rekha.Not only Sri (Chandini) Prity Zinta (The Last Lear) Sonam (Mitti aur Sona) all copied Rekha looks & Makeup. From Juhi, Vidhya, Anita Raj, Madhu, Aayesha Julka, Sheeba, Raveena to today’s Top most Actresses copy her Makeup n styles. Rekha starts the concept of pefect lip liner; define eyes, heavy mascara starts from Khoon Bhari Maang. The most important thing is that Rekha is copied by others not only in India but also in Hollywood. The very famous International Pop Star Madonna Copied Rekha’s makeup & Hair style in her Album Frozen. So dear there is no DOUBT that Diva Rekha is the Real Trendsetter from last 30 years and still she set the trend for Next Generation. She displayed the tenacity to reinvent herself in steps with times.
Dear Rajesh
Jaha tak baat 1997 mein released Aastha ki hai toh Iss film ke liye Rekha ko (Best Actress) National Award ka nomination bhi mila tha magar us Saal yeh award tabbu ko Maachis ke liye diya gaya tha.
Tab bhi Jamkar Vivaad aur Behas hui thi. Industry ke Diigajjo ka manna tha ki Rekha ki performance tabbu ke mukable jyada mushkil aur Chonka dene wali thi. Aur bahut sare logo ko unka yeh award na milna bahut bura laga tha. Par yaha baat sirf aastha ki nahi hai Kya aapko nahi lagta ki Ghar, Izzjat, Khoon Bhari Maang, Phool Bane Aangaarey unke carrier ki hi nahi balki Bhartiya Cine Itihaas ki wo Shaskat aur Yaadgar bhumikaye hai jisse Bhartiya Cinema ka Sar garv se Uncha ho jata hai. Kya aapko nahi lagta ki yeh sabhi Bhumikaye Rashtiya Samman Pane ka Haq rakhti thi.In sabhi ke alava aisi aur bhi Anginat yaadgar Kirdaar hain jaise Basera, Jeewan Dhara, Iman –Dharam, Kalyug, Vijeta, Mujhe Insaaf Chahiye, Silsila, Ek Naya Rishta, Muqqadar ka Sikandar, sansaar, Judai, Sada Suhagan……… jaha wo Naari Shakti ka Rashtiya Prateek ban gayi hai. Rekha jaisi Mahaan abhinetri ko hum Viswa ki kisi bhi abhinetri ke barabar rakh sakte hain.
Sabse jyada Naari Pradhan bhumikaye karne wali, AURAT Shabd ko sahi Maayeno mein Sarthak karne wali Abhinetri ke Saath Purashkaaro ke mamale mein kabhie bhi Insaaf nahi hua hai. Bhoot aur Dil hai tumahra jaisi bhumikayo mein unke jaisi Mahaan abhinetri ke Talent ko sirf Waist hi ki kiya gaya par haan Bulandi aur Zubeida mein unke kirdaar kabile taarif the.
Vikram said…
Dear recently I saw the Rekha interview with Simi Gerewal on you tube so tell me How much you feel close to Rekha in that Interview?
Mohammad said…
Dear Rishabh wish you a very Happy Valentine Day, on this very special day which song you dedicated to your Diva Rekha?
Dear Vikram
I feel More Close than the show. At the Showtime when people were busier to reacting on her Kanjiwaram Saree, her Golden Jewellery, Her dark Lipstic Shade, her bangles, her long open hairs etc.
Silently I was reading between lines “ Something Unsaid, Something Unanswered & Something Untold between her every Sigh in her deepest voice, suffer and Safar in her beautiful eyes.
Her true love for her Maa- Pushpawali,
Her true love for Choti Maa- Savitri
Her true love for Mr. Bacchan
Her true love for Farzana and said you know she is a living example
Her true love for her Pisti
When she said Oh my Baby….. Oh my Darling aur jab wo Royi…
I was speechless. That was the Real truth of Real Rekha. Yeh sirf wohi Samajh sakta hai jiske dil mein unko lekar koi bhi Sawaal Naa ho!
Dear Mohhamad ji On this Valentine I want to dedicate this to Rekhaji

"Maanga jo mera hai
Jaata kya tera hai
Maine kaun si tujhse jannat maang li

Kaisa khuda hai tu
Bas naam ka hai tu
Rabba jo teri itni si bhi na chali

Chahiye jo mujhe
Kar de tu mujhko ada
Jeeti rahe saltanat teri
Jeeti rahe ashiqui meri
Dede mujhe zindagi meri
Tenu dil da vasta

Rabba mere din yeh na dhale
Woh jo mujhe khwab mein mile
Use tu lagade ab gale
Tenu dil da vasta

Rabba aaya dar Dedaar ke
Sara jahan chod chad ke
Mere sapne sawar de
Tenu dil da vasta

Ajj din chadheya
Tere rang varga
Ajj din chadheya
Tere rang vargaaaa…
Anantika said…
Should She (Rekha) Marriage again? What do think about it Rishu!
Dear Anantika Its totally depends on her. If she gets the right person who understands her completely, who loves her like a Baby, who give her respect & security and who soo much care about her.
A person who can understand not only her words even her Silence, who fills fragrance in her empty Moments.”Jo sirf unhe sune aur Jiske mann mein koi sawaal na ho?” But I think there is no one who deserves her True love and if she finds her true love then She should marry to Him.
Kushant Ghosh said…
Dear Rishabh I love the beautiful Wordings of Diva Rekha in which she mentioned about her two Upcoming Films Sadiaan & Aaj Phir Jeene ki Tammana hai .so dear if you know the realesing date of these films then please tell me.
Dear Kushant as per our Source RajKanwar's Sadiyaan will be realesed on 2nd April of this year and the Sinha Production's Aaj Phir Jeene ki Tammana hai is completed but its releasing date is not confirmed yet.but its sure that this will be realesed after Sadiyaan.
Zulfi said…
Kya Aapko nahi lagta ki film Bagbaan me agar Hema ki Jagah Rekha hoti toh?????
Dear Zulfi ji Aapka kehna bilkul theek hai ki Kaash film Baghban mein Hema ji ki jagah Rekhaji hoti kuch aur hi baat hoti aur yeh Apne aap me ek haraani ki Baat hai ki Ravi Chopra ji ki is film ki kahani aur kidaar Yusuf Saheb aur Rekhaji ko hi sochkar likhe gaye the Aur toh aur unko lena bhi tay tha. Magar kisi karan se film me kuch badlaav kiye gaye aur Dilip Saheb ki jagah Amit ji aur Rekhaji ki jagah Hema ji ko liya gaya.
Kitti said…
Dear Rishabh my friend Aryan told me that during the shooting of film Khoon Bhari Maang there was a controversy between Rekha & Sonu Walia and Rekha has changed 8 costumes is a single song to look more beautiful than Sonu walia.
babita said…
Aaj tak log Rekha ko unki filmi Image (Reel Image) ke saath hi jodkar dekhte hain. Aisa kyon??
Dear Babita Yeh sach hai ki Rekhaji dwara Filmon mein nibhaye gaye Kirdaro ke beej unki Niji Zindgi se hi aate hain. Kahin na kahin unke Kirdaron mein humien unki Asal Zindgi ki Parchayian dikhti hain Jaise:- Jeewan Dhara , Silsila, Umrao Jaan. Jaise jaise unki Zindgi badalti jati vaise vasie unke Kirdaar bhi badalte jata hain beshaq yeh kisi Yojna ke tahat nahi ho sakta. & Yeh Ittefaq hi shai, ya phir kuch bhi na hokar hamara sirf ek Nazaria ho. Par “Kuch toh log kahenge Logo ka kaam hai kehnma”. Aur agar yeh bhi ek Destiny ka ek Hissa ho toh bhi mujhe un Kirdaro se aur- aur Pyar ho jata hai!
Dear Kitti
That is thing, which I expect only from Indians. Hamesha suni sunai baton par vishwaas kar Lena. I don’t understand why your Friend Aryan told you all this stupid things. Was Aryan present at the time of shooting?
This is nothing except of a Gossip.8 outfits why not 80? I wish it could be true and we could see her in 80 different outfits but this only rumor. According to my Knowledge there is no song in Khoon Bhari Maang in which Rekha has changed eight outfits if is it then tell me. One more thing Kitti, that Diva Rekha & Sonu Walia were very friendly to each other and after the Success of Khoon Bhari Maang both did a Show in Abroad.
Nirupma said…
Dear Pls don't mind But its heared that Rekha is a GAY Icon!
Is it..................?????
Oh is that right? Dear How can you say that she is……..?
I don’t understand who define Love with a Tagline??
Everybody knows that she is a wonderful human being. She is a true lover and full of love who loves everything like God, Nature, People, Kids, Pets, Life & Entire World. She just loves everyone. She is a giver and full of Romance even she can also love with Women. I think if you are a true lover than, its doesn’t matter that what you are? Love is only love. There is no abnormal thing in love but we are living in a hippo crate World where people has double Faces, Double Standard & Dual Personality aur Wahi Log
“Pyar Ko Baatte Hain, Pyar Ko Chota Ya Bada Karte Hain, Kabhie Jaat- Paat Ke Naam Par, Toh Kabhie Amiri Garibi Ke Naam Par, Toh Kabhie Use Naye Naye Naamo Se Pukarea Jata Hai. Yaha Har Wo Cheez Sahi Hai Jo Hum Karte Hain Aur Wo Har Cheez Galat Hai Jo Dusre Karte Hain. So Please Always Respect Humanity & Love and don’t give any name to Love because Love is only love like God.
Vineeta Kohli said…
Dear Moderator imagines you a journalist and you have an opportunity to interview Rekha then what you ask to her?
(a)Her secret of Beauty
(b) Her long inning in Bollywood
(b)Or something else
Dear Vineeta ji first of all thank you sooo for your Question.Really that’s a beautiful imagination ever! Anyway if life gives me that kind of opportunity then I will ask her only one thing-
“How you survive in this Bad world?
How you smile after many hurts? How to overcome from Tragedy's of Life?
How to face the Cruel, Selfish & lies People.
Anupam Bisht said…
Dear Moderator, I have seen a Interview of RajKanwar the director of “Sadiyaan”, in which he said this is the first time when two diva’s Rekhaji n Hemaji come together on BIG Screen, Is it true???
Nishta said…
Hi Rishabh this is Nistha As you know recently we celebrate the Women’s day on 8th march, so on the Occasion of women’s day. Please share something about the Power of Woman –REKHA?
Dear Anupam this is not first time when Rekhaji and Hema ji come together on BIG screen in Rajkanwar’s Sadiyaan, Before Sadiyaan Both done some movie like..

In 1972- Gora aur Kala,
In 1975- Dharmatma,
In1978-Palko ki Chhav Mein
In1987-Apne Apne
In1987- Jaan Hateli Pe

But it’s a very long time when we see both Beauties together on BIG Screen in Raj Kanwar’s Sadiyaan..
Dear Nishta I think there is no need to say anything about Rekha or her Power.
“Power means Rekha or you can say Rekha means Power” I think the biggest Power of Rekha is her Confidence and through this power of Confidence She is still standing in Bollywood over the 40 Years and She crossed all Struggle, Bad time, & all Exams of her life. There are lots of false stories, Bad rumors in public which was spread by Yellow Journalism but she came out as a Pure as White, like a Diamond in the mines of Coal. But personally I feel her Power is her inner self, Inner Confidence which I felt in her Exclusive Interview which she gave to a Hindi Magazine in 1993, during the Shooting of film Geetanjali, its very interesting……
Journalist:- Umar ke 37 Baras mein Aapki Khoobsurati par koi bhi Shaq Nahi Kar Sakta par kyonki Bhartiya Cinema ki Nayika ki Umar Jyada nahi hoti, Aise mein Aap Kab Tak Naayika Bani Rahengi??
Rekha:- “Mera Aakarshan, Mera Yovan, Abhi Aane wale 10 saalo Tak aisa Hi Rahega.
Journalist:- Hum toh Yahi Chahte hain! Aur Hamari Umeed hai ki Aanewale 10 saalo tak nahi Balki 15 saalo tak , Aap Naayika Bankar Aayengi, aur Hamara Manoranjan Karengi….
That’s the time when I was sooo surprised and thought” Koi Yeh Daawa Kaise Kar Sakta hai, Kisi Ko Yeh Nahi Pata ki Aane Wale Kuch Saalo mein Kya Hoga?? Anyway Aaj Iss baat ko 10 ya 15 nahi Pure 17 Saal ho Chuke hain!
That’s the Power of Confidence of REKHA!!!!!!!
And dear That interview is also included in my Collection.
Rupesh said…
Dear Please tell Rekha the Diva ka Khayal Kab, Kyon aur Kaise aaya????
Dear From (1990) my Childhood days I was collecting Rekha’s every picture, interview, article, Award ,each n every thing belongs to her. My very good Amit knows about my eternal Love for Mam Rekha. He always said to me when you show me your Precious Collection? And I always reply dear very soon….Because I know very well that it was very difficult to show a Huge 20 years old and Precious Collection under one roof and how to manage??But one day Amit gave me an Idea to show all this beautiful things to the Whole World then my all friends joined me , we did very Hard work and dedicate a very Beautiful Exclusive exhibition to Diva Rekha which was appreciated by People a lott. But this is not our Motto, What I want??
I thought there are lots of false stories, bad rumors, and mis-understandings about her life, her Marriage, her Love & Relation and so many questions about her which were notTrue and she never spoke even never say a Single word in defense of herself!So why not we not do this? If we know all about this thing and we start to contact the people around her, talk them, some friends, some Relatives, her Sister and then
“Janam hua Rekha The Diva Ka. And you can find answers of your all questions in Rekha Blog section on site, and we find it very Meaningful. Par yeh sab itna Aasaan nahi tha,
“kya kya hua Bata bhi nahi sakta
Ek katra Aankh tak ashq ka La bhi nahi sakta
Log saath Chorte gaye Mazdhaar mein Lakar
Kashti Sahil tak kasie laya Bata bhi nahi sakta”

So dear it’s ur reply which you ask Kab, Kyon , Kaise? But I m still searching answers of my Questions????
Subhangi said…
In Rendezvous with Simi Gerewal Show, Rekha said that Vinod mehra was just a well wisher of her. Are you agree with Rekha??
I am wondering? Why you all people think like a Dirty Mind Journalist?
You know this all our perception to see people around more over, Relationship are very personal thing and people sale them to earn profit and making it a Cover story, that is Cheapness , The real truth knows only God, Vinod Mehra & Rekha. So if Rekha says that Vinod Mehra was just a well wisher of her then why not you trust on her and if you not believe so read recently published an interview (in People Magazine) of Sonia Mehra – (Daughter of late Vinod Mehra) where sonia says:- We are very fond to each other. Rekha Ji is my God Mother .I don’t get to meet her very often these days so it was Nice to meet heart the Awards. My father and Rekhaji were just Close Friends. & after my Father’s Death. Rekha ji is there for my Mother (Kiran Mehra) my Brother Rohan and me.Rekhaji is always looking out for me. She is like my Second Mum and She is always there for me .She is my Idol.Except it I want to share an Exclusive Interview of Vinod Mehra in which was telecast in 1991 (before his Death) on DD Metro Channel and the show was “Chand Lamhe Fursat Ke and hosted by Tabbusum , where Vinod Mehra share his feelings in front of camera and said “ Rekha meri Bahut Acchi Dost hai aur wo mere Parivaar ke behad kareeb hai. Ghar film mein Picturised song “ Tere Bina Jiya jaye Naa mera Favourite song hai, Iss Gaane ki khaas baat yeh hai aur Unhone specially wo Stanza dikhaya jahan par Unka Maanna tha ki Rekha ki Khoobsurat Aankho ka wo Saamna nahi kar pa rahe the.agar aisa nahi hota toh wo yeh baat kehte?And after Ghar, vinod mehra do many films with Rekha like Sajan Ki saheli, Loket, Jaal, Pyar ki Jeet…………..
BUT this is not your fault, its because of Yellow Journalism.
Shobna said…
Hello Your Site is Quite Immpressive but its much better if you add a new segment of Film Critic in REKHA BLOG ?
wholesale Cell phone battery said…
This blog is great. How did you come up with the idea?
Dear Shobna ji , first of all thank you so much for your nice suggestion to add a New Segment “Film Critic“ but Shobna ji its not possible for every time n for Every Movie, but We will also do it for Rekha ‘s Upcoming Film “Sadiyaan
Dear Friend from the last 40 years everything has changed except the thinking & Mentality of People and their questions about Rekha. People accept the same Image of Rekha which was spread by media. Even they don’t know the Sir name of Rekha, her Birth place & her age but they surely know that she married four times. Really it’s very bad thing that Media sell every time her life, her pain, her feelings, her emotions & her relationship to make more Profit and still making a cover story. “Aur Har Jhoot ko itni baar Bola aur Becha Gaya ki Wo Sach se Bada Ho Gaya aur Aaj tak wo Unka Peecha kar Rahe hain “ Till today there are lots of false stories, bad Rumors, and Mis-understandings about Rekha’s life, her Marriage, her Love, her Relationship and so many questions about her which is not true and Rekha never spoke even never say a Single word in her defense. so clear all the false stories we decide and start a segment REKHA BLOG on our site . And this is the first time when a Platform is provide for all Rekha fans who share their feelings and thoughts about Her Beauty, Her film, about the Site & find their all answers regarding REKHA. And finally we find it very meaningful.
Shaili Sachdev said…
Film Sadiyaan ki Music launch Party par Rekha ek baar fir se Sindoor mein Nazar Aayi.Kya yeh Hamari Manyta ke Khilaaf nahi???
Shaili ji Sach Kahu Toh Hum Sabhie Ek Aisi Duniya Mein Rehte Jo Adhuri Hai Kyonki Yaha Hum Sabko Ek Dusre Ki Zarurat Hoti hai Tabhie Hum khud ko Poora Mehsus Karte Hain. Hamare Ander Itni Taaqat Nahi Ki Hum Khud Hi Sampurn Ban Jaye aur wo bhi Bina Kisi Ke sahare ke!Aur Jab hum Jeewan Mein Smpoornta Ko Pa Lete Hain Tab Hum Itne Saksham Ban Jate hain ki koi bhi Duniyavi Cheeze Hamare Liye Zaruri Nahi Reh Jati Aur Tab Aapko Koi Bhi Rishta Pura Nahi Karta kyonki Aapki Sampoornta hi Har Rikttaa Ko Bhar Deti Hai Jaise..........“Mother Teresa Ya Maa Lata Mangeshkar. Kya Aapko Kabhie Lagta Hai Ki Lata Mangeshakar Ko Maa Kehne Ke Liye Aapko Pitaah Ki Zarurat Hai???? Theek Waise Hi Unhe (Rekha) Ko Sindoor Lagane Ke Liye Vivah Ki Zarurat Nahi !!!Par Haan Yeh Baat Sabhie Par Lagu Nahi Hoti Kyonki……………
Soni Pandey said…
I have read that you have very old and Precious Collection of Rekha, I wish I could see….
I m, eagerly waiting for that day, Dear I want to ask a question that which thing motivate you to collect this huge Exclusive Collection?
Dear Soni I still remember that the time of 1990 when I was a kid and I read a Article in Punjab Kesri Newspaper “Bus Ab Kuch hi Samay Ki Baat Aur Hai Jab Yeh Silsila Tham Jayega Unke Chanewalo Ka, Unki Tasveeron ko Kaleje se Lagakar Rakhna, Unpar Fida hona, ab yeh jadoo khatam ho jayega and that time I decide” Nahi aisa nahi hoga, Main yeh Silsila khatam hone hi nahi dunga! Ab yeh silsila main suru karunga! Wo pehli picture thi us khajane ki, aur wahi se suruwat hui jo ab tak zaari hai…..
Kaamna said…
Maine Aapke Rekha Blog segment mein Padha ki Rekha ne Komal (ek Viewer) ke Friend Vikram ki Zindgi badal di. Kya yeh Sambhav hai?? Aur Kya aap iss baat se Sehmat hain???
Dear Kaamna ji,Hamari zindgi mein kuch Khaas log aise hote hain, ya Kuch Khaas Cheez aisi hoti hai Jinke Shabdon ki ahmiyat hamare liye Bahut hoti hai,Aur unke shabd , Unki Aawaj Hamari Disha hi nahi Badalti Balki Zindgi par Hamesha ke liye ek Chaap (Impact ) chor jati hai! Par yeh Nirbhar karta hai, kis par kitna asar hota hai, Kuch logo par Taumrr asar nahi hota, main aise kai logo ko jaanta hun par filhaal main sabhie ki baat toh nahi kar sakta. Main yaha par ek Example dena chata hu. (Example 1)Ek mahila jo apni Shaadi shuda Jindgi ko Bhaar doh rahi thi, kyonki wo Insaan galat tha aur laga taar ek jootha Rishta Nibha rahi thi ki ek din Achanak usne bataya ki usne usko TALAK de diya hai aur ab wo Akeli, par Mukt Mehsoos kar rahi thi, maine pucha…. Itni Himmat kaise Jutayi??usne kaha ki maine padha hai ki Rekha ne kaha hai ki “ Kisi Galat Insaan ke saath Zindgi gujarne se behtar hai ki Zindgi Tanha guzaar di jaye”
(Example 2) Wo Janam jaat se hi khud ko Adhura mehsoos karta tha, wo bahar se Purush, andar se aurat tha!
Uspar log haste the, Uska Mazak Banate the. Wo chata tha ki wo jaisa hai Samaaj use vaise hi apnaaye, par who jaanta tha yeh itna aasaan nahi! Tabhie usne Rekha ka ek interview padha jaha par unhone kaha “ Maine yeh dekha hai ki Jab aap safal hote hain toh Log aapko Apna lete hain Chaye aap jaise bhi ho” unke inn Shabdon ne Uska Jeewan Badal diya aur wo Ghar chor kar Mumbai chala aaya, struggle kiya. Use filmon mein Kaam kar Paisa kamaya, ab use Pehchaan milne lagi, Aur Aaj wo apni Zindgi chupkar nahi Khulkar Jee raha hai aur Log use “ Boby Darling ke naam se jaante hain.
Dr. Aastha Verma said…
Congratulation to Rekha for becomes Padam shri now. So how do you feel on this very special Occasion?
Dear Aastha ji Hows feel Parents when their Kids got success. That’s the same Emotions I m feeling…
Just can say Thank you God, thank you!
sandhya said…
Do you ever think any minus point in Rekha? I mean ……
(Kya Aapko Rekha mein Koi Kami Nazrar nahi Aati?????)
Never, Never Ever……
Because you can’t take anything from a complete thing & you can’t add anything in a complete thing So finally a Complete thing remains Complete.
That’s why she is COMPLETE!!!!!!
Neelam said…
Really I m soo impressed by your work but I want to know that which thing help you to know more about Rekha?
Dear Neelam first thank you so much for appreciating our site, our work and your question
That “which things help me to know more about Rekha but It’s not necessary that
You will be satisfied with my answer but dear this is real Truth.

You know” Life” teaches very strictly and gives a new lesson every time.
Life means…. many Ups n downs, Struggle, Hurdles, obstacles, and a endless Journey…
Just walk, walk n walk………. A U turn to all turns ???? and you can’t go away from your Destiny………………….
And My Inner voice helps me a Lott and I am surprised every time when I see People always love to see “what Happened” but never want to listen or understand.
But why?? I am telling you all this things?
Anyway… If you read here on site or know all things about Rekha the Diva then you know very well that I have spend my 20 years, yes dear 20 years and each moment, each nanosecond of my life to read, to listen, to understand her.

There are some really good Journalist and some Hindi Magazines like “Filmi Kaliyan & filmi Duniya” who help me a lot to know more about Rekha.
Except it I meet and talk some people & contacts around her. And especially two very close friends of mine- Nupur Chatterji & Amit Jain. Really they give a new meaning to my life. They clear all visions about Rekha’s world But whenever I think about Rekha, I always felt
“Umrr Bhar Behro mein ki Shayri, Umrr Bhar humse yeh Pagalpan Hua.
Naresh saxena said…
Kya yeh sahi hai Jaya Bacchan ko 9 filmfare Awards mile hain aur Rekha ko sirf 4….?
vanita negi said…
Do you ever think that Rekha should go to Hollywood to explore herself?
Dear Naresh I am not getting what you mean or what do you want to say from your Question?
Agar Aap Apni Baat se Yeh Kehna Chahte Hain Ki Jitne Jyada Awards Utna Bada Kalakaar Toh Yaha Aap Galat Hain Kyonki Agar Aisi Baat Hoti Toh Shahrukh Khan Sabse Bade Abhineta Hain Kyonki Jaha Desh ke Maha Nayak Amitabh Bacchan ko 13 filmfare, Raj Kapoor ko 11 aur Dilip Sahib ko 10 baar filmfare se Nawaja Gaya Hai Wahi Bollywood ke King Shahrukh Khan ko Yeh sabse Adhik 14 Baar diya Gaya hai. Wahi Dusri aur 5 Baar Rashtiya Purashkar Vijeta Shabna Aazmi ko Yeh Gaurav Hasil Hone Ke Baad Bhi Unhe late Smita Patil Se Aage Nahi Maana ja Sakta.Aur toh aur Mashoor Gayika Asha Bhonsle ko Jaha ek aur 9 filmfare Awards Mile Hain Wahi Swaro Ki Devi Maa Lata Mangeshkar ko Sirf 7……….Ab Aap hi Bataye Ki Aap kis par Bhrosa karte hain Awards Par Ya kala par?????
Dear Vanita Why You think that Rekha should go to Hollywood .Why???
She has no need to do this and you can’t compare any Hollywood Actress with Rekha’s extreme & Unmatched Talent. She is much more talented than any Hollywood Actress. Especially when you found that the very famous International Pop Star Madonna copied her on world map. The Diva Rekha has lots of things to do in India so why she…………..
Hemant Thakur said…
How you react when People criticize or don’t like Rekha??
Please don’t lie.
Moderator-Rishabh Sharma said…
Dear Hemant That was the time when somebody says a single word against her” Main Logo se Ladta Tha Unke Liye” That time I was a Kid and very Immature. But Now I don’t angry or fight. If somebody like her, Adore her I feel Sooooo happy but when somebody don’t like her I feel Great………… You Know Why?? Because I feel “Mera Adhikaar aur Badh Gaya Hai and She is only mine.
Vishaal kapoor said…
In which Movie’s Remakes you like to see Rekha??
Dear Vishaal
Not Remake…….. I wish I could see her in Original Characters of
Chandermukhi in Devdas
Anarkali in Mughle Azam which is beautifuuly played by Madhubala
The Great Nargis in Mother India
Meena Kumari in Sahib Biwi aur Gulam & Bhabhi ki Chooriyan
Vajayntimala in Amarpali & sangam
Nutun in Seema, Sujaata & Bandini
Waheeda Rehmaan in Namkeen & Guide
Mala Sinha in Jahan Aara
And for the Male version
Gurudutt in Pyasa & Kagaj ke Phool
Raj Kapoor in Mera Naam Joker
Balraj Sahni in Garam Hawa
Sanjeev Kumar- Naya Din Nayi Raat & Koshish
Kamal Hasan in Sadma n many more….
Amitabh Bachhan in Black & Paa
Falguni chaturvedi said…
Is is true that She did Sadiyaan without Makeup?
Shantanu said…
Kya Rekha ne sabse Jyada Filmien Amitabh ke Saath ki hain??
Sanjay said…
Rekhaji No. 1 kab bani aur yah position unhone kab tak kayam rakhi?
Dear falguni first of all sorry to you for giving my answer very late due to some technical problem on site. Anyway here is your answer.
Actually Diva Rekha tries old age makeup to look mature as being Mother of Luv Sinha in Raj kanwar’s Sadiyaan and she use only lipstick & Kajal the minimum makeup. But in earlier 1997 she did Basu Bhattacharya’s film “Aastha without makeup. In Aastha you can see easily “How she is looking so beautiful & so natural in the character of Mansi. At the age of 41 years when people want to hide their face behind the makeup but Rekha bravely shows her Originality to the world and especially when she is famous for her Perfect Makeup Skills.
Dear Shantunu Yeh sahi hai ki Amitabh aur Rekha ki Jodi Bhartiya Cinema ki sabse Hit Jodiyon mein se Ek hai. Aisa hone se Dono ki On screen chemistry ko unki Niji Zindgi (Personal life) se bhi joda gaya. Rekha aur Amitabh dono ne saath mein Mr. Natwar lal, Muqaddar ka Sikandar, Suhaag, Aalaap, Khoon Pasina, Ram Balram, Do Anjane, Silsila aur Ganga ki Sogandh sahit karib 12 filmon mein saath kaam kiya hai jismein ki Namak Haraam mein wo Rajesh Khaana aur Imaan Dharam mein wo Shashi Kapoor ke Saath thi. Par usse bhi jyada Filmien Rekha ne Jumping Jack Jitendra ke saath 30 filmien ki hain jisme se 26 filmon mein wo unki Naayika thi. Hai na Intersting???
Dear Sanjay 1978 mein released film “Ghar” Rekha ke Carrier ke liye Meel ka patthar saabit hui aur Iss film ki Shaandaar Safalta ke baad Unhone kabhie bhi Peeche Mudkar nahi dekha. Muquddar Ka Sikandar ki Itihaasik safalta aur 1980 mein released Khoobsurat film ki Bemisaal Safalta ne jaha ek aur Rekha ko unka Pehla Filmfare Award dilaya wahi Dusri aur No. 1 ka Taj bhi. Aur uske baad Umrao jaan, Silsila, Agar tum Naa Hote, Judaai, Utsav, Jeevan Dhara,Basera, Kalyug, Vijeta, Maang Bharo Sajna, Sada Suhaagan, Jhooti, Izazat ke Saath woh us Mukaam par pahuch gayi jaha na toh unse pehle koi tha aur na unke baad koi aur. 1986, 1987, 1989 mein released Nagina, Mr.India ,Chandini, ke saath Sridevi ko No. 1 kaha jane laga. Par aisa bilkul nahi tha ki Sridevi ke No. 1 banne ke baad Rekha ko No.2 ya No.3 ke Khate mein daal diya gaya ho. Rekha ko hamesha se hi sridevi se badi Abhinetri maana gaya hai. Aur 1987 me aayi film “ Khoon Bhari Maang ki Zabardast Safalta ke saath Rekha ne saabit kar diya ki woh Numbaron se bahut aage nikal chuki hain, Sridevi ki Hit filmon ne Sridevi ko No.1 toh zarur banaya par wo Chahkar bhi Rekha jaisi Safalta haasil na kar saki.Sridevi ke Khaate mein Umrao Jaan, Ghar, Muqaddar ka Sikandar, Khoon Bhari Maang, Phool Bane Angaarey aur Aastha jaise Yaadgaar Kirdaar nahi, Aur Aaj bhi Rekha ke Fans unse Chamtkaar ki Umeed rakhte hain.
Sonakshi said…
It just took me 4 months to know all about her..Now i wanna know why does not she reply to fan mails?? I have sent her soooo many…:(It makes me soo sad)
Mohit said…
Ever she does any Charity show??
Moderator-Rishabh Sharma said…
Dear Mohit as you know very well that in today’s world every one wants to promote themselves and want to be publicized whatever they do. People do lots of things for their publicity. Even they never miss a single chance of it. But Dear the Diva Rekha hated to publicize the good things which she done for people in many ways like she sends regularly some money to courtesan of Lucknow from 1980 to till today for their good life and she also do many things for beggars & helpless people .The work she does for Charity is out of the routine and she don’t believe in talking about it. According to Rekha” I have my own world & rules. I don’t believe in Charity as the World see it. I am passively aggressive person trying to do good for as many People as possible. I don’t like to publicize my Goals and my Achievements. My achievements should speaks itself.
Moderator-Rishabh Sharma said…
Hi Sonkshi
Do you know that she receive more than 500 fan mails every day so it’s not possible for her to reply even read every letter or mail. But it doesn’t mean that she don’t like to reply. She doesn’t want or she can’t are two different things but her true love for her fans is endless. I know one thing if you really understand her then you never complained. You know that what she feels for her fans I would like to share with you a beautiful message which she given in an Award function for her al l her all fans around the word.
Main Kaaynaat mein, Shayyro mein Bhatakti thi
Dhuein mein, Dhool mein, Uljhi Hui Kiran ki tarah
“Main Iss Zami Pe Bhataki rahi hun Sadiyon tak
Gira Hai Waqt Se Katkar Jo Lamha Uski Tarah
Watan Mila Toh Zami ke liye Bhatakti Rahi
Zami mein Ghar Ka Nishaan Dundhti Rahi Barso,
Tumari Ruh Mein, Ab Jism Mein Bhataki Hun
Labon se Choom lo Aankho se Thaam Lo Mujhko
Tumhi Se Janmu Toh Shayad Mujhe Panah Mile.
Nazim Khan said…
International Pop Star Ricky Martin declared his Sexuality to the World, If someday Rekha admits the same thing then What you react???
So what??? I don’t understand why you all people target Rekha every time. Why not Shah Rukh Khan? Why not Bebo? Why not most Eligible Rahul Gandhi or why not Mr. Abhishek Bacchan. Anyway if she admits……
I will be happy because I think this is the moment of “Proud to be a Gay” in all over the world and it’s an honor for them. How bravely the Latin Heartthrob Ricky Martin and Ever Sexiest woman “Madonna” also admits their Sexuality in front of World. I think Homo sexuality is a Normal thing whereas Terrorism, War, Rape, Murder, Child abusement & Sexual harassment are abnormal things.
Sirish said…
What is reason behind flop of Sadiyaan?
Thinny D'souza said…
what do you think about Rekha’s Success? As an actress and as a Person?
Moderator-Rishabh Sharma said…
Dear Sirish there are many reasons…….
Like Story was not so strong enough, Presentation was not good, Music & Lyrics was just Ok and the two very strong reasons are….

1. As you know very well that Rekha was the main attraction of Raj Kanwar’s Sadiyaan and till today Rekha’s Glamour is very high on people’s mind and they don’t like to see her in a role of Mother even people don’t like to see her in a de glamorized Character. Viewers knows “Rekha ka Jadoo Aaj Bhi Barkarar hai, Aur log aaj bhi Unhe Unhe vaise hi Strong aur Glamours avatar mein dekhna Chahte hain.

2. The Biggest and most important reason was Poor publicity”. It was done on very small Scale whereas all knows that Publicity is the first Mantra of Success of every film.
Moderator-Rishabh Sharma said…
As a Person Rekha crossed all “Agni Pariksha” every time and She prove herself “How strong Woman she is”
As a person The Film Phool bane Angaarey was the “Maha Agni Pariksha”for her and as an Person it was the biggest success for Rekha.
I feel personally 1996 released film “Khildiyon Ka Khiladi” & 1997 released film Aastha was the Biggest Success of her Carrier as an Actress. At the age of 40 she mesmerized her Audience through her Glamours Image & her Brilliant Talent. The success of Rekha was the only success of “Khildiyon Ka Khiladi”. Rekha was the main attraction of it and that was the first time when she paired with Hottest Akshay Kumar. Frankly speaking you can’t imagine any other actress of her age in the Role of Maya or pair with Akshay.
On the other hand Aastha was biggest success of her carrier.
It was not a Commercial film even there is no Big name (Hero, Director) in it. At the age of 41 Rekha played very beautifully the character of Mansi without makeup in the complete film and as an Actress it was the most difficult role of her carrier. Rekha’s film Umrao jaan always considered her ever Biggest Success. Yes I know it that from Umrao Jaan she Cross all the Borders of Success But I pray n wish- A Lifetime Role for her. “Ek Aisi Safalta jo Umrao Jaan se Bhi Badi ho. I still remember one of her Exclusive interview which she gave in 1990 during the Shooting of “Phool Bane Aangaarey” for very famous Magazine Filmi Kaliyan that “ Deepak ki Laon Bujhne se pehle ek baar poori tarah se phadphadkar Jalti hai. Meri abhi aisi performance baaki hai. So I am wating for that one.
Suhani Chawla said…
Imagine if you could be a Woman then what you wants to be???
Moderator- Rishabh Sharma said…
Dear Suhani what do u think?? R....E…....K....H.....A....
Noooooo. I would like to be Farzana. “Kaash Aisa Ho Sakta.
Really How she is lucky Na? Millions of People dying to see Rekha, but only Farzana ji got that oppurtuninty .
I love farzana ji and respect her sooo much because She is the Life Guard of Rekha and always there to understand her, to listen her, to Support her, to secure her from this BAD World.
She is not only her Secretary for a long time, In fact she is more than any relation. She is a wonderful human and a Great friend of her. Farzana is the Best & living example of love n Friendship for everyone. I m so thankful God who send her for Rekhaji and also Farzana ji who always with Rekhaa ji.
Neetu said…
Dear Rishabh Please Share any Memorable Moment related to your Site?
Seema said…
In the Book Launch function of Gautam Rajadhyaksha Diva Rekha warmly meet to Jaya Bacchan but Jaya avoid her. so what is your Opinion about it?
Moderator- Rishabh Sharma said…
Dear Seema it’s true that in the Book (Chehere) Launch function of Gautam Rajadhyaksha Diva Rekha warmly meets to Jaya Bacchan but Jaya avoid her. So if you want to know my opinion on this Scene then I will say its completely wrong and being as Bahu of Bacchan family its not suits to Jaya personality. On the other hand Rekha is sooo cultured and a wonderful woman. She is so professional and knows very well how to meet people. In the function she warmly Hugged Jaya and talked very nice to her but Jaya avoid Rekha. On this complete scene Media, people n Rekha fans react but Rekha don’t react even not says a single word.” Jaise Unpar Koi fark nahi Padta Aur Issi Baat ke Saath Rekha ka Kad aur Bhi Bada ho Jata hai.
And dear this is not the first time when Rekha hugged and talked to Jaya. This same thing happened so many times in the last 30 years. Rekha always meet her with a smile and Nameste.
Moderator- Rishabh Sharma said…
Dear Neetu
We have experienced some wonderful memories related to our Wonderful website and I would like to share one very Special moment with you. Recently we were showing our site to a very senior Person for his suggestion n Feedback. He enjoyed the complete site, every segment, every part very deeply and and and you know what happened???
He was full of Emotions and said to me with his wet eyes that “ Rishabh I have never seen that kind of love. Kitni Mehnat, Kitni Lagan aur Kitni Siddat, Mujhe nahi Maloom tha ……
Yakinan Tum apni Manzil Tak Zarur Pahunchoge! That’s was very Special moment for me.
Wajid Khan said…
After failure of Raj kanwar’s film Sadiyaan, “Aaj Phir Jeene Ki Tammana Hai” is the Comeback of Rekha?
Moderator-Rishabh Sharma said…
Dear Wazid ji Do you know??
When Rekha gave her Blockbuster “Khoon Bhari Maang” then People & Media said She is Comeback, and again when she gave a Big Hit “ Phool Bane Aangarrey” then again its said that Rekha is Comeback.
The same thing happened when Aastha & “Khildiyon Ka Khiladi” was released and hit. I think Comeback is the thing when you came after a Break…If Shri Devi or Madhuri do a film then it can be considered their Comeback but for Rekha we can’t think like that…..
She is here from last 40 years and still in Demand & continues doing Movies. But after failure of Raj kanwar’s Sadiyaan everyone is looking for her next film. People expecting so much from her Upcoming film so in this term “ Aaj Phir Jeene Ki Tammana Hai” become very Special and Important for every one, for Rekha, for Mr. Satrughan Sinha & Mrs. Punam Sinha, for Director Ramesh Talwar, for us and for all Rekha fans around the World but now this time you can’t depends on luck because the success of any film depends on audience’s perception, and you have to figure out what they want from their Star. Kyonki sirf Pyar se Filmien Hit nahi hoti. This is not an easy task. You have to create Magic. It has something Special, something new & something Different.So at this time We pray to God and gave our Heartiest wishes to all who connect with “ Aaj Phir Jeene Ki Tammana Hai”.I expect a Miracle, A Grand Success like “Khoon Bhari Maang”, “ Phool Bane Aangarrey” &“Khildiyon Ka Khiladi”
Mughda said…
Dear Moderator pls tell me that film Silsila was the last film of Rekha and Amitabh????
Moderator- Rishabh Sharma said…
Dear Mughda, No Yash Chopra’s Silsila was not the last film of Rekha & Amitabh. After Silsila in 1988 they appear in film Soorma Bhopali in a guest role but not share the screen. After it they never appeared again on the Big Screen.
In 1986 released film Aakhiri Raasta Rekha gave her voice to Sridevi & In 1999 released film Sooryansham she dubbed for both Soundarya & Jaya Sudha who were opposite to Amitabh Bacchan. So Rekha was not paired with Amitabh on screen in these movies but she was the main part of it through her voice.
Ravinder jain said…
In Recent Shoot of film fare Magazine Rekha looks so young by her Real age. I thinks its done by some photographic techniques?? Your opinion??????
Moderator- Rishabh Sharma said…
Dear Ravi, If you thinks that the recent Photo Shoot of diva Rekha in Filmfare magazine are made with the help of some photographic techniques then dear you are absolutely wrong. Ravi do you remember the Ambani Bash Party which had happened just some months before in that function Diva Rekha mesmerized everyone by her Glowing skin and Indefinable Beauty. That’s was a live appearance of her not a photo shoot. Anyway On this photo shoot my opinion comes later first you check out the Opinion of the photographer Jadish Mali of this shoot.
“We had to do only minor changes in the photos as Re looked too ravishing for any patch ups."When we shoot digitally, a little bit of touch-up here and there is necessary. I've just made minor changes to the images ... haven't tampered with her figure at all! We know she's been maintaining herself well. When you're young at heart, it reflects on your face,"
Except Jagdish Mali just take a look on the Comment of Jitesh Pillaai the Editor of Filmfare magazine. The photo sessions are creating waves across the country.” Got so many lovely reactions to the latest Rekha's pics @ filmfare. Her sarees, her flair, her performances, makeup techniques, truly iconic!” “Rekhaji an actor who's not got her due yet.” We would love to see her work in movies with Aparna Sen, Zoya Akhtar, Mani Ratnam, Sanjay Bhansali,”
So dear Ravi there is no need of my Opinion in front of Jagdish Mali & Jitesh Pillaai’s Opinion.
Himani said…
Recently I enjoyed Shilpa Shetty's Mujra Performance in a Reality show named "Zara Nach ke Dikha" which is dedicated to Rekhaji by her. so can we compare these two south Beauties????
Moderator- Rishabh Sharma said…
Dear Himani, like you I also enjoyed Shilpa’s Mujra performance in that reality show .Anyway All of us know very well that there is no comparison between Rekha and Shilpa but it doesn’t mean that Shilpa is not a talented actress and why we compare Rekha and Shilpa??? You should know that Rekha is Rekha and Shilpa is Shilpa.Everyone knows that Shilpa is a very good dancer and as a performer she does her best in that Mujra Performance. Infact it’s a great pleasure for all Rekha fans that Shilpa choose Rekhaji’s songs to perform. I think before comparing these two south beauties just read the Shilpa’s statement on this performance. "I am dedicating this performance to Rekhaji and I hope she likes it. I have no words to express how excited I am about doing it,” It’s my great wish to do a Mujra in films, but the opportunity never came knocking. Dear Himani I think you are not aware that Rekha and Shilpa are two very good friends. So dear there is no need to compare these two good friends.
Mitali Narang said…
Ever Rekha had any kind of surgery???
Ashish Kalra said…
Dear Rishabh won't you think that Rekha should accept her age???
Moderator- Rishabh Sharma said…
Dear Mitali before I give my answer, just take a look on the below statements.

Rekha says- You know Blood Scares me!And I never want to go under the Knife and I am not that kind of Crazy person who could do anything for their Beauty. If somebody says that they have done some work on my face & body then I also want to meet those Doctors. I believe in Inner Beauty.

A Senior Surgeon & Doctor says: - I would say that Rekha has not any face lift because you can easily see that the shape near the ears. It’s absolutely normal. At least it doesn’t show on the hairline as far as her face goes. It may be She got some Pigmentation here and there, which shows that she has not had much done except peels.

A fan says: - After the latest photo Shoot for Film fare magazine it is to be said that her all Unbelievable snaps made by Photoshop or Rekha had done a surgery but all theses news are fake.
I know that the technique of Photoshop is an instrumental and used in bringing light to the pictures but what about photos of Hema, Maushmi and Dimple???
Is it possible that Photo shop could help to become younger, if yes then why not used for Jaya Bacchan, Rakhi, Shabana or Zeenat because their age in spite of Photoshop seems very obvious it’s only Rekha that she still manage sizzle on and off screen so stop being jealous and making false stories. Just enjoy the last reigning diva - she is ultimate and she will remain ultimate.

I think it’s quite enough for you and there is no need to give my views about it.
Moderator- Rishabh Sharma said…
Dear Ashish, I think this is time when you should accept Rekha’s capabilities, her Strength and her Confidence as being the Most Powerful woman. And if you talk about her age then Dear Age is just a number for her. “Umrr Ko Bahut peeche chor diya hai Unhone. Just see her latest Photo shoot in film fare magazine. You never expect that kind of Miracle from any woman of her age. It’s not easy like …
Jiske Mann mein Jo Aaya aur Bol Do, Kya Fark Padta hai, Koi karke Bhi toh Dikhaye!!!!!
And you know this is same old question which I am listening from last 20years BUT the Time has changed now as you can see easily that today’s women do works in every where & in every field.
Why you focus only Rekha?? You should look at Asha Bhonsle, Shobha De, Hema, dimple, Sri Devi, Simi Grewal and so many more….. That’s the Power of Woman but it all depends on mind. So you should change your mind’s status and accept Rekha’s strength& Boldness and Salute her.
Yogesh said…
Along with all Rekha Fans I am so delighted to read in the News paper that Rekha Expected to take on a serial “Ganga Ki Deej” with Kabir Bedi on the Small Screen and we will be able to see her more often. What do you think about this??
Prajakta said…
The recent Photo shoot of Rekha in Film fare become a Controversial Issue in India! So what what’s your n your Team reactions on it??
Moderator- Rishabh Sharma said…
Dear Yogesh I appreciate your love and feelings towards Rekha but Dear this is not the first time when it is to be said that Rekha is going to appear on small screen. So I am so sorry if I hurt you through my answer. Dear Yogesh you know very well that She is Rekha and you never expect such kind of things from the Queen of Bollywood. It’s an impossible thing that she doing a TV serial or an Advertisement!!!Dear first you have to read again her exclusive interviews in which she said that She don’t want to do any kind of TV serial or Chat Show or an advertisement because she feels that these kinds of things can’t match with her High standard & Persona and she feels very Uncomfortable but on the other hand its true that the Actor Kabir Bedi has a deep desire to work again with Legendary Actress Rekha in TV Serial “Ganga Ki Deej”after a Great performance in film “Khoon Bhari Maang”. Even till today this news becomes a rumor because Rekha not confirm that She is agree to play the role of Kabir Bedi‘s wife TV Serial “Ganga Ki Deej”
Moderator- Rishabh Sharma said…
Dear Prajakta Thanks you so much for your Beautiful question.
Hmmmmm Yes that was the Unforgettable moment not only for the Team of Rekha the Diva but also all Rekha fans around the world. That was the time to celebrate, to Dance and to Proud for all.
Here you ask the reaction of my team members on that film fare Shoot so dear it’s not possible to share the feelings of all members so I am just sharing Amit & Pooja’s views (including mine also)
My Views: - OH MY GOD!!!!!
I am Speechless……When I saw the Diva REKHA’s Classic shoot in Film fare Magazine's July Issue. Really I was hypnotized by her undefined beauty, There is no words in any dictionary & in any Language to say something about her never ending Magic. Yes Rekha again weaves spells like only she can. She mesmerized you every time through her undefined Beauty. I just want to put on a Kala Teeka on her forehead” Kisi Ki Nazar Naa Lage” at last I want to say A Billion Thanks to film fare for this Exclusive Shoot.
Amit’s Views: - Finally my lonnnnnng wait is over to see the ever Gorgeous Rekha ji’s Classic Shoot in India's prestigious magazine Filmfare. Really it’s a priceless gift for me. I feel my words are very few to describe the Glamour & Charm of this Divine Beauty. People knows very well that she is Rekha but forget the meaning of Rekha i.e. A line who has no boundary and she can do everything. Yes everything……………………… which we can’t imagine. There is No Doubt to say she is one n only DIVA of Indian Cinema. All adjectives are very less to describe her Persona and dignity. At last I want to say thanks to filmfare who make happy millions of Rekhaji fans.
Pooja’s Views: - The sassy photographs of Ever Green Bollywood Diva Rekha makes it’s an amazing Issue of Film fare. Rekha looks so Gorgeous, Sensuous, Soften, Ethereal & Vivacious.
From this shoot one thing is cleared again that there is NO one who beat Rekha in Beauty as well as in talent. There is NO One who dares to look 25 in the age of 55. Its called REMARKABLE REKHA!.
So Hats off to Rekha who did an Unbelievable task. This issue makes happy millions of Rekha fans along with me BUT I think this was not the right time for it.
It could be much better if it published in October month before Rekha’s Birthday and became a surprise gift for all Diva Rekha’s fans around the World.
Hope so this Sizzling Diva gives a BIG Surprise than it to her fans on her Special Birthday.
Somya said…
Dear Moderator Is it true that Mr. Kapil sharma make a film on Rekha’s life? If it’s true then which actress can justify with Rekha’s life?? Pls reply
Anonymous said…
Have you ever met or seen rekha in reality? Is there anyway one can meet rekha? Any idea if rekha entertains her fan by meeting them?
Moderator- Rishabh Sharma said…
Dear Somya what do you think about it? It’s an easy task to make a film on Rekha’s life. No dear it’s a very Challenging for both Directors as well as for the Actress who play the Character. I think it’s most difficult to play Rekha on screen and Nobody Can play Rekha except Diva Herself. Unhe Play Karna Jigar ka Kaam Hai” Anyway it’s true that Mr. Kapil Sharma making a film but it is based on Rekha’s life is not true. Mr. Kapil Sharma already said, “I don’t talk about similarities with Rekha or any other Bollywood personalities. I don’t know her personally, so it could be any star. So dear It think now your all Doubts clear!
Moderator- Rishabh Sharma said…
Dear friend in your single question you asked three questions from me so I gave answers one by one to you.

First you asked that Have you ever met or seen Rekha in reality?
So dear no I have not meet Rekha till yet. But that Beautiful moment is coming very soon because we are trying to contact her from a very long time regarding some promotional work for her Upcoming film “ Aaj Phir Jeene Ki Tammana Hai” for this we have already talked Mr. Satrughan Sinha & Mrs. Punam Sinha (Producer of this film) and Now we are waiting for their response.

Second you asked Is there anyway one can meet rekha?
Dear it’s not an easy task to meet Rekha. Yeh Bilkul Zameen Aasmaan ek Karna
Jaisa kaam hai.

Third you asked Any idea if Rekha entertains her fan by meeting them?
Dear there is no idea or I can say No way!!! Not today and not in future but it doesn’t mean that she don’t love her fans. She wants to do something very special for her in future.
prakhar gupta said…
Dear Moderator I m very new to this site n like it but I think there is problem of your video section? It's not running???
Moderator- Rishabh Sharma said…
Dear Prakhar first thanks to you for visiting the site n give ur feedback to me. Yes dear there is some technical problem in My video page on site. this problem may be resolved very soon.
Prayga said…
Bollywood mein Rekha ka Godfather kaun hai???
Falguni said…
Slumdog Millionaire fame Frieda Pinto is on her way to another Oscar with her forthcoming film Miral, Critics can’t stop praising Frieda n says Aamir and Amitabh or Rekha and Madhuri can only dream of doing something like what she’s done. What’s your reaction about it?
Saraswati said…
Dear Moderator May I know your Upcoming updates on site regarding Rekha Birthday??
Moderator- Rishabh Sharma said…
Dear Pragya Bahut hi Accha Sawal Puchne ke liye aapka Shukriya. Yeh ek aisi Baat hai jo Hamesha se Mujhe Mehsoos Hoti Rahi ki Kassh Unhe Bhi Koi Godfather Mila hota Jaise ki Madhuri ko Subhash Ghai, Meenakshi ko Rajkumar Santoshi , Urmila ko Ram Gopal Verma aur Kajol ko Karan Johar. Aise aur bhi Bahut sare naam hain jab sabhie ko Koi na koi Ek Mazboot sahara God father ke roop mein Mila par Hamesha yahi lagta hai agar Aisa hota toh Shayad REKHA aaj REKHA Naa Hoti. Aaj Wo Jis Unchai par, Jis Mukaam par hain wo Unhone Sirf aur Sirf Apni Mehnat aur AatmVishwaas se Banaya hai. Aur Hame unpar Naaz hai.
Moderator- Rishabh Sharma said…
Dear Falguni is that Right????..
First tell me one thing that Do you agree with it?Anyways I don’t want to Comment on it that what other says but this is the BIGGEST TRUTH is that Nobody can be Madhuri or Aamir. Even after getting Oscar, yes dear Oscar Jitne se Naa toh Aamir Khan bana ja sakta hai aur Naa hi Madhuri aur Phir Amitabh aur Rekha ?????????/
How dare you??? Bhaiya Sadiyaan lag jati hain waha tak pahunchne mein. On the other hand there is no Doubt that Frieda is a Brilliant actress and she has a bright Future.
Moderator- Rishabh Sharma said…
Yes Dear Sarawati you have the all rights to ask about our upcoming updates. Dear there are so many things in our pipeline to update on site regarding Rekhaji’s Birthday. I hope all visitors find this beautiful platform more beautiful n more interesting than before. Or you can say that you find it as a complete New site like a New REKHA. Infact It will be a Unique Birthday of her life because this time the calendar shows 10-10-2010
Vandana Joshi said…
Dear Rishabh which Actress reminds you Rekha??
Shubhangi Garg said…
Dear Rishbah recently I heard that The Director Yash Chopra exposed the very famous Affair of Amitabh & Rekha on BBC News Channel. so what you say on it??
Moderator- Rishabh Sharma said…
Dear Vandana, thanks for your very interesting question which I always thinks. You know the Indian film Industry is full of beautiful & talented actress like Tabbu- She is truly an Unmatched talent of Industry who always reminds me Shabana Aazmi and Kajol reminds Jaya Bacchan(Utni hi Saadgi aur Utni Hi Sehaj) Nandita Das is also a very brilliant actress who has something special which you can’t define… she always reminds me the Great Great Smita Patil and there are so many other Actresses who are extremely talented as well as beautiful and the Media and people compare or match them with Hema, Sridevi, Madhuri BUT Honestly there is No one , Not in Bollywood even not in Hollywood which you reminds the magic of Rekha. She is one n only one Rekha. “Unke Jaisa
Naa Koi tha, Naa koi hai aur Naa hi Koi Ho sakta hai Sadiyon Tak………..
And I think there is no need to explain why?? and How??
Moderator- Rishabh Sharma said…
Dear Shubhangi what is new in this news???]
Dear in this recent interview Yash Chopra just sharing his memory about his film Silsila and Star cast. Everybody knows that if Yash Chopra says something about their relationship then it has something.
BUT dear this is not true Believe me it was more than love, more than Romance or you can take all love from World like mother’s love, father’s love, friend love
and and and …………… add some more love in to it that kind of relation they have. Okay.
Kalpit Mukherjee said…
All People and Media knows very well that the Actress Shabana Azmi always criticize Rekha and not a friend of her but I am Surprised that why Rekha attends the Birthday party of Shabana??
Moderator- Rishabh Sharma said…
Dear Kalpit Itna mat Socho! Just feel How beautiful Person she is. Who never bother what says Shabana, what says Jawed Akhtar about her (you remember?)And what says Jaya bacchan or what says other ???
Rekha never compliant & never says a single word and never hate anyone. In fact Rekha said” Shabana is elder than me but for me she is like a “Chota sa Baccha”
I love her so much . Yes that is Rekha so dear forget all things and enjoy her beauty at Shabana birthday Party.
Mayuri said…
Dear I want to know that who was the dance Choreographer of Rekha's Umrao Jaan?
Moderator- Rishabh Sharma said…
Dear Mayuri the Dance numbers of Classic Umrao jaan was Choreographed by Gopi Krishna, Kumudini Lakhia.
Chitra said…
Hi Rishabh Kya aapko nahi lagta ki aapki choice (Rekha) out of date hai, aaj Zamana Priyanka, Kareena aur Katrina ka hai!aur aap????
Vishal malhotra said…
Dear ever She was in relationship with Sanjay Dutt??
Moderator- Rishabh Sharma said…
Infact I feel very proud on myself that
मैं उनका फैन हूँ एक ज़माना था जब उन्होंने अपने कैर्रिएर की शुरुवात की थी , तब उनकी साथी heriones योगिता बाली,लीना चंद्रावरकर ,मौसमी चटर्जी , जया भादुरी हुआ करती थी और 80 के दशक तक ज़माना बदल गया और फिर जीनत अमान, परवीन बोबी, नीतू सिंह, शबाना आज़मी,स्मिता पाटिल,रीना रॉय,रति अग्निहोत्री, डिम्पल,पद्मिनी कोल्हापुरे, पूनम ढिल्लों ,अनिताराज, अमृता सिंह, बिंदिया गोस्वामी ,और भी ना जाने कितनी ही अदाकारा थी और 90 के दशक तक इनमे से कोई भी मैदान में नहीं थी , यहाँ तक की जयाप्रदा, मीनाक्षी , श्रीदेवी और माधुरी , जूही चावला जैसे बड़े नाम भी .....और उसके भी बाद की generation की अदाकारा उर्मिला, शिल्पा, रवीना, करिश्मा, मनीषा, पूजा भट्ट ,महिमा, सोनाली, आयशा , सुष्मिता बहुत ही लम्बी फेहरिस्त है , यहाँ तक की आज प्रियंका और करीना को भी इस बॉलीवुड में आये हुए दस साल हो गए हैं और इन दस सालों में यह भी आउट ऑफ़ डेट हो चुकी हैं क्योंकि यहाँ हर शुक्रवार को दर्शको की पसंद ना पसंद बदल जाती है ! एषा देओल , कंगना ,दीपिका ,सोनम कपूर, आसीन और अब सोनाक्षी सिन्हा . दौर बदलते रहे हैं पर वो हर दौर में रही ,वो चालीस साल पहले भी थी और आज चालीस साल बाद भी उसी शान , उसी चमक , उसी ख़ूबसूरती के साथ खडी हैं l
है ना ??? कितना लम्बा इतिहास ... और dear Chitra आने वाले कुछ सालों में मैं भी आउट ऑफ़ डेट हो जाऊ और शायद आप भी मगर वो फिर भी ऐसी ही शान से मुस्कुराती हुई नज़र आएँगी.
Moderator- Rishabh Sharma said…
She has been love with every man and every Person of her life. वो चाहे उनका classmate रहा हो या उनकी सेक्रेटरी फरजाना ,उनकी माँ हो या उनकी pet पिस्ती, अमिताभ बच्चन या अक्षय कुमार So Mr. Vishal
संजय दत्त was also a part of her long journey. You know she love her every relation with genuinely, purely, truly, honestly like her first love. कितना मुश्किल है ना हर बार, बार- बार प्यार करना और वो भी पूरी ईमानदारी , सच्चाई और शिद्दत के साथ . and we knows that She is Goddess of love, Epitome of love.
Krishan lal Arora said…
Dear Rishabh I want to know the biggest Criticism about Rekha ever you heard??
Moderator- Rishabh Sharma said…
Dear krishan lal ji Every time it hurts me a lot when people treat her like…. She is not a human!
बिना कुछ सोचे , बिना कुछ जाने और बिना उस दर्द को महसूस किये .....
Really this is very shameful for every person, as human for all society. I am always thinks How she tolerate this Bad world??? And you know what she says…

“I have never seen anyone who has been hurt as much I have seen…
Continuously hurt, time and time, again n again and by the People who I trusted….
And Dear krishan ji Rekha never complained to anyone and never says a single word…..
So think How beautiful Human she is…..
Krishan Lal said…
Dear Rishabh really I m so happy with your answer but dear this time I want to know the biggest Compliment about Rekha ever you heard??
Modeartor-Rishabh Sharma said…
Dear Krishan first thanks to you for your Question. Dear according to me the Biggest Compliment which I heard
माँ सरस्वती लता मंगेशकर ने कहा की " रेखा तो अपने आप में एक देवी है l
Oh My God! सच में इससे ज्यादा खूबसूरत और बड़ा Compliment क्या हो सकता है ! है ना??
Sajla Mehta said…
Hi Rishabh According to a News Channel Rekha was the wife of Mr. Amitabh bacchan in her last birth! So what you think about this statement n do you believe in Re- birth?
Moderator-Rishabh Sharma said…
Dear Sajla ji Yes I truly believe in Re-birth and God Cycle. But dear I have not heard or see this news on any News Channel! But here I want to share that what Rekha believes According to her She was a “Raj Natraki (राज नतर्की) in her last birth…. Interesting Naa??? BUT I think it was just a short recap of her Memory. There are Millions lifes, Million Births & Million Circles….
She doesn’t remember what she was before this??....
Abhi poori Kahani Baaki hai………………….
sneha said…
Hi Rishabh aapne apne letter"Big Loss" main jo Mr.Amithabh Bachhan ke liye shabd kahe wo ek sachh se zyada unka aur chhote parde ka apmaan hai.aisa kyu kiya?
maine rekhaji ke bare me bahut padha hai jana hai unki filme unki pesonal life un ka family back ground aur unke family member sab ke bare me janti hu aur me jyada janna chahti jis ke bare me to mai sirf itana hi janti hu ki FARZANA rekhaji ki secretary hai par unka back ground kya hai unki biography kya hai internet par bhi search karnese nahi milti hamare samne unka astitva sir rekhaji ki secretry hi rah jata hai i want to know mor about her would you tell me about her
Moderator-Rishabh Sharma said…
Hi Sneha,
First thanks to you for your question which you asked here!
Dear I am extremely sorry if I hurt your feelings and emotions from my letter “Big Loss”
I think you take it personally which you don’t.
One thing I want to tell you that I am also a very Big Fan and a Well wisher of Great Amitabh Bacchan. I want to clear you that it was just a Positive Criticism which you take it wrong so please don’t take it wrong because criticism is two types Negative & Positive.

And my criticism is positive which is good and improve ourselves
Criticism not always negative, it’s totally depends upon the thinking that how you take it negative or Positive? If we talk about Mr. Bacchan then...
He is a Super Star, a legend and a Star of Millennium and I respect a lot such kind of Ultimate actor,” Wo Aaj Jis Unchaai par Pahunch chuke hai wahan Pahunchna bahut hi mushkil hai..
But dear it’s very awkward when a big personality like Amitabh do marketing for such little things and Brands. I think He should maintain his dignity, his high Standard and his Status like The Tragedy king Dilip Kumar.
Moderator-Rishabh Sharma said…
Dear Riya thanks for your question about Rekha’s Secretary Farzana.
So dear her complete name is Farzana zafri, belongs to a Muslim family.
She was hair dresser-turned-secretary to Rekha who handling Rekha’s carrier and personal issues from more than two decades.Farzana is the one and only one person who has stayed by Rekha's side through the up and downs of her life. ". She is more than a secretary for her.Rekha considers Farzana as her "soul sister" and "constant companion and I think she is a screen saver for her life and world’s best friend of Rekha.
Rajveer Choudhary said…
Dear Rishabh, after reading your letter of the Month " Big Loss" I felt that you are against such kind of Reality shows! but dear tell me honestly if you got a chance to do Big Boss as a Participant then what you do??
Accept it or Deny....
dear rishbhji

i have heared that rekhaji refused to do anil kappr's home production movie Frikie Friday her role was sonam kapoor's mother is it true?
Moderator- Rishabh Sharma said…
Hi Rajveer,
First I want to say that I love you because I find that you are a very regular viewer of site n truly wonderful whose feedbacks motivates me a lot. Anyway Dear as per your question, I am not saying that I am against of Big Boss, Reality or chat show. Actually I find myself very misfit & uncomfortable in these kind of shows.
Dear I am a big dreamer who always dreamt about to go in shows like “
Issi ka Naam Zindgi, Salaam Zindgi n my very favorite Rendezvous with Simi Garewal. And personally I feel that to go in these kinds of shows is a matter of Great Honor & Dignity for our self. So please don’t take it wrong.
Moderator-Rishabh Sharma said…
Thank God she not doing…
Yes Riya this is true that Rekha refused to Mr. Anil kapoor for his Home Production Movie “ Freaky Friday in which he gave a mother role to Rekha, as a mother of Sonam Kapoor but after it this role is also offered to Madhuri Dixit. But till today She not say Yes for it, First She read the story then gave her final decision. If Madhuri says yes to play a mother of Sonam kapoor then it will quite Surprising for it.
Anyway once again I confess, that I am not against motherism in bollywood but personally I feel that there should be strong character of mother like Astitva, Chandini Bar, Rudali, and Baghbaan in which a Mother played a central character. These are the films, in which we can justify with Rekha & Madhuri’s extreme talent. But seriously I can’t expect this kind of things from our bollywood directors.
Chaya said…
Hey, Rishabh hru? Today is the last day of this year n I hope you write your letter for the new year, but If you don't mind may I ask you that this time which topic you choose?
Is it new year based???
Moderator-Rishabh Sharma said…
Dear Chaya, first wish you a very Happy new Year . As you asked me about the letter of the Month, so Dear you have to wait only for few hours, after that you can read the letter of Month....... titled "Life"
Ragini Mehra said…
Dear Moderator I m shocked to see the latest Photos of Ever Green Rekha in Filmfare Anniversary Special Issue, She is Amazing but dear I m little bit confused about her age? so Can you tell me What is her Real age???
Anonymous said…
Dear Rishabh it is to said that Aish copy Rekha looks in Bhansali's Guzaarish. So What is your Opinion about it???
Moderayor-Rishabh Sharma said…
Dear Ragini ,There are so many confusion about Rekha’s real age in bollywood, So many magazines and people wrote differently every time. And I found it really very funny. Even a famous writer wrote a controversial book on Rekha and according to him

“ 13 saal ki Bhanu Rekha ne apna pehla screen test film Ammakosam ke liye diya ,wahi dusri taraf unhone yeh bhi likha ki Baby Bhanurekha ne Abhinay ki Shruwaat 3 saal ki Umar mein B.N Reddy ki film Rangula Ratnam se ki, jabki Rangula Ratnam ke samay Rekha ki Umrr 12 saal thi, Dusri taraf unhone likha ki Rekha ne as a heroine pehli baar camera 13 saal ki umrr mein film Aamakosam ke liye kiya, Jo theek Rangula Ratnam ke theel 4 saal baad release hui. Toh kya Rekha sirf 7 saal ki umrr mein hi heroine ban gayi???

Iss tarah toh wo 1970 mein release film Sawan Bhadon ke samay sirf 7 saal ki thi, aur iski ke anusaar Rekha ki Umrr abhi sirf 47 years hai ,jabki unka Janam 10th Oct. 1954 ka hai. Ab Aap hi batayen ki Jis vayakti ko yeh tak nahi pata ki unki Umrr kya hai?? Wo yeh kaise dawa kar satka hai ki usne jo unpar Viwadit kitaab likhi usme kahi gayi baatein sahi hai???

How stupid person he is, Aise hi Na jane kitne log, kitni hi Magazines unke bare mein galat afwaahe failaate hai aur log wo sab sach maan lete hain. Any wayNow she is 56.
Par unki umrr jo bhi ho ?? Ya Kya unke baare mein likha jata raha hai, Naa toh isse Rekha ko koi fark padta hai aur Nahi unke chahne walo ko .
Moderator-Rishabh Sharma said…
Dear Friend, First I would like to tell you that what Mr.Sanjay Leela bhansali (Director of Guzarish) says.

Bhansali admits that Aish looks and personalities are modeled on Rekha, the perfectionist director found an ideal reference point in Rekha performance and personality. He says that Rekha always hold back. Character of Aish in Guzarish is like ocean on the surface everything has to appear calm but underneath. There are many storms brewing. This was Aish’s most challenging role to till date. Her face had to register no overed emotions. It had to be all internalized Rekhaji. I think is very skilled at holding back her emotions. I wanted a less is more performance from Aishwarya like Rekhaji. And bhansali says I am very keen to show Guzarish to Rekhaji because I want to know if sees the likeness in Aishwarya to her personality. So dear is that clearly that the character of Aish modeled on Rekha’s dark & mysterious look. And I saying again n again that, this is not first time .There are many so many actress who copy Rekha look time to time.
Diyanka Purohit said…
Dear Rishabh, Abhi haal hi mein film No One Killed Jessica ke Premiere mein Amitabh aur Rekha fir se ek saath nazar aaye toh kya Aapko lagta hai ki kya yeh silsila fir shuru hoga????
Moderator-Rishabh Sharma said…
Dear Diyanka, First of all I want to clear one thing that in the Premiere of “No One Killed Jessica” Amitabh Bacchan & Rekha not seen together. They both were invited for the same function, and its not first time when they invited for a same function or event before it the same thing happened in many functions in past. And the second thing which you asked that “ Kya yeh Silsila fir se suru hoga toh Mujhe nahi lagta ki yeh Silsila fir se shuru hoga, agar Aane wale samay mein aisa hota hai toh wo Din Indian Cinema ka ek Itihaasik Din hone ke saath saath ,Rekha aur Amitabh Dono ke Chahne walo ke liye ek bahut badi Khuskhabri hogi.
Shirsh Dubey said…
Dear Moderator, recently I watched a news on Bollywood News Channel that"
Sheela (aka Katrina Kaif)ki Jawani par Bhaari padi Rekha ki Jawani! so what do you think who is the best Rekha or Katrina?????
Moderator-Rishabh Sharma said…
Dear Shirish What can I say about this matter. “Yeh media hai, yeh kuch bhi keh sakte hain, yeh unka kaam hai. Rumors, scandals, controversy, false story… They all are doing their job.

As all of us knows very well that Rekha is so gorgeous and always looking incredible but dear what is new in this News. And this kind of news never affects Rekha’s high Persona nor created any Controversy between Rekha & Katrina. Dear if you talked about the rehearsal of Star Screen Awards then I want to tell you that Rekha was so impressed by Katrina’s Belley Dancing in song “ Shiela ki Jawani” and she gave her Complement. Rekha also asked to teach some steps from her. On this Katrina was happier to oblige.

Some other sources also said further Katrina showed Rekha some steps Thumkas & Jhatakas n soon every was watching Rekha & Katrina, groov together. Dear you know that Katrina respect Rekha so much infact adore her, and According to Katrina Rekha is the world’s most Beautiful woman. So dear what u say now?
Meetali said…
Dear Moderator, there is no doubt that Rekha is soo Gorgeous n Sensuous till today but I am so bored to see her again n again in the same Golden Saree. What is reason of wearing the same color every time. ya phir kuch aur Khaas wajah hai Iski???
Moderator-Rishabh Sharma said…
Dear Meetali,
Its answer is very simple that Golden color is her most favorite color that’s why she mostly wears Golden Saree but not always. If you have seen her the latest Filmfare photo Shoot then you found there is no Golden in those pictures.

Iska Karan kuch bhi ho sakta hai, kayi baar kuch aisa bhi hota hai jo hamari samajh se pare hota hai.shayad kuch aisa bhi…….

1970 mein apni pehli film sawan bhadon ki shooting ke liye Rekha mumbai ke ek hotel mein tahri thi tab shooting se pehle wali raat ko Wo,bathroom mein ek Golden snake ko dekh kar Cheekh padi, kuch der baad wo Sunhari Naag toh chala gaya lekin wo Sunhari naag unke carrier ko Sunhari chamak de gaya. Aur Sawan bhadon Superhit Saabit hui, aur Rekha ek Superstar ban gayi. Ek aisa Sitaara jiski Sunhari chamak aaj bhi barkarar hai ya phir yeh bhi ho sakta hai ki wo Devi Mahalaxmi ki pooja karti hain jo ki hamesha Sunhari Saree hi pehnati hai…….
Karan kuch bhi ho sakta hai
Kapil Sharma said…
Dear Moderator, What is your Opinion about Rekha's Performance in Star Screen Awards??
Rajveer Choudhary. said…
हाल ही में हुए फिल्म fair समारोह में अभिनेत्री माधुरी dixit को उनके 25 वर्ष और अमिताभ बच्चन को उनके 40 वर्ष पूरा करने पर filmfair पुरष्कार से सम्मानित किया गया, वही दूसरी और रेखा को इस सम्मान से वंचित रखा गया, रेखा के साथ हुए इस भेदभाव और अपमान पर आपकी क्या प्रतिक्रिया है ???
Moderator-Rishabh Sharma said…
Dear Kapil, no doubt she looking sooo gorgeous in Star screen award but really I don’t like her performance on stage …. Because I know her very well, she can do much better than what she did. Infact she didn’t use her 10% of her extreme talent.
Moderator-Rishabh Sharma said…
Hi Rajveer, I really appreciates your thoughts and views and Dear I can understand your love , your Emotions towards Rekha ji और साथ ही साथ मुझे यह जानकार बहुत ख़ुशी भी हुई की आप रेखा से कितना प्यार करते हैं. Filmfare अवार्ड्स का यह भेदभाव आपको ही नहीं बल्कि हर उस व्यक्ति को बुरा लगा जो उनसे प्यार करता है और सच के लिए लड़ता है और मेरा मानना है की जो प्यार करता है वो चुप कैसे बैठ सकता है?? पर यह उनके साथ पहली बार नहीं हुआ है बल्कि हर बार - बार बार हुआ है फिर चाहे बात पदम् श्री की हो या Filmfare अवार्ड्स की या फिर राष्ट्रीय पुरष्कार की , अवार्ड्स के नाम पर किया जाने वाला समारोह अब एक मजाक बनकर रह गया है / इस तरह का भेदभाव यह दर्शाता है की अवार्ड्स आज काबिलियत या प्रतिभा के लिए नहीं बल्कि लोकप्रियता और मार्केट values देखकर दिए जातें हैं या फिर यूँ कह सकते हैं की मैच फिक्सिंग की तरह ही अवार्ड्स भी fixed होते हैं वो भी ख़रीदे और बेचे जाते हैं / रेखा एकमात्र अभिनेत्री नहीं हैं जिनके साथ ऐसा हुआ है ऐसा और भी कलाकारों के साथ होता रहता है, तभी आज फिल्मों का और अभिनय का स्तर गिर गया है / अवार्ड्स के नाम पर की जाने वाली मनमानी अवार्ड्स की ईमानदारी पर कई सवालिया निशान छोडती है , कुछ कलाकार पूरी उम्र एक अवार्ड को तरसते रह जातें हैं तो कुछ लोगो को यह इतनी आसानी से मिल जाता हैं जैसे ...............................???? आप जानते ही हैं यह अपने आप में बहुत ही शर्म की बात है , अपने चालीस वर्षो के लम्बे करिएर में रेखा को १३ बार अपनी जबरदस्त अभिनय प्रतिभा के लिए filmafre nomination तो मिला मगर रेखा अवार्ड मिला सिर्फ तीन बार , इससे ख़राब बात और क्या हो सकती है किसी भी प्रतिभा संपन्न कलाकार के लिए , मैं अमिताभ या माधुरी किसी भी के खिलाफ नहीं हूँ / उन्हें यह सम्मान दिया ही जाना ही चाहिए था लेकिन जब आज से 15 साल पहले (1995) जब रेखा ने अपने करिएर के 25 साल पूरे किये थे तब यह अवार्ड उन्हें क्यों नहीं दिया गया??? जबकि सिर्फ रेखा ही हिंदुस्तान की एकमात्र अभिनेत्री हैं जिन्होंने बतौर नायिका ना सिर्फ अपने अभिनय के शानदार 40 साल पूरे किये हैं बल्कि इस अभिनय जगत को अनेको यादगार किरदार दिए हैं और आज वो जिस ऊंचाई पर है, जो मुकाम उन्होंने हासिल किया है , उनका कद किसी भी अवार्ड से बहुत ऊँचा हैं / आज उनके सामने सभी अवार्ड्स बहुत छोटे होकर रह गए हैं/ " मुझे इन्साफ चाहिए , इन्साफ की आवाज , अब इन्साफ होगा, जैसे फिल्मों में इन्साफ के लिए लड़ने वाली रेखा के साथ अवार्ड्स के मामले में कभी भी इन्साफ नहीं हुआ!
Chaya said…
Dear Rishabh, After Enjoy Rekha's Appearance in Star Screen Award & Filmfare Fare Awards I m eagerly waiting for Stardust awards, so please confirm me , when it telecast???
Sachin said…
Dear Rishabh, On this Valentine Day which gift you present to your Rekha??
Moderator-Rishabh Sharma said…
Dear Chaya you have to wait till 20th Feb. Because Stardust Awards 2011 will be telecast on 20th Feb (Sunday) on Sony Max Channel at
8: 00 pm
Moderator-Rishabh Sharma said…
Dear Sachin, On this Valentine Day I want to present Myself as a Gift to Rekha.
Nagma said…
Rishabh , In most of awards function I enjoyed the chemistry of Rekha n Shahrukh Khan , so if Future they may come together in a film ??
Shazia Yussof said…
Hey Rishabh can u tell me does REKHA JI willing to work in HOLLYWOOD?
I mean if the role is good and vital?
Moderator-Rishabh Sharma said…
Dear Nagma what can I say about this matter, only I can pray for her and wish.
काश की ऐसा हो जाये...............
Infact if you know about that in 1994 released film Anjaam first offered to Rekha with Shahrukh Khan than Madhuri Dixit. But due to some Circumstances Madhuri did that Film. After some time Rekha refused to act in a Mahesh Bhatt Film, in which Shahrukh Khan played a young Director who making a film on a Actress who has become recluse and the actress fall in love with the director. Anyway like you n me her Millions fans want the same thing. Rekha should play some strong & Beautiful Characters again but with the Brilliant Director of Bollywood like Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Mani Ratnam, Madhur Bhandarkar with a Strong sense of Screen Play.

Moderator-Rishabh Sharma said…
Dear Shazia, Rekha is not only the Diva of Bollywood; she is the last empress of Indian Cinema.
Who else has been a leading lady from 4 Decades??
Rekha is the finest Actress of Indian Cinema and the only one Actress of Bollywood, who completed her 40 years as a Heroine and after spending 4 decades in this Industry, she is still on high. Her success, Sensuality n talent is beyond the words.

Her Films like Ghar, Muquaddar Ka Sikandar, Ijaazat, Utsav, Umrao Jaan, Khoon Bhari Maang, Phool Bane Angaraaey, Khiladiyon ka Khiladi, Aastha, Lajja was just a glimpse of her High Caliber n Talent. Even you can put her in World’s top 5 Actress category.
और यह हमारा सौभाग्य है की बॉलीवुड के पास रेखा जैसी अभिनेत्री है और यह रेखा का दुर्भाग्य है की वो बॉलीवुड में हैं...
So dear Shazia definitely she should go to Hollywood to mesmerize the World
क्योंकि यहाँ ना तो उतने प्रतिभाशाली directors हैं जो उनके साथ न्याय कर सकें, और नाही वे इतनी प्रतिभाशाली अभिनेत्री के लायक हैं !
Vikrant said…
The eternally enigmatic Rekha recently said in filmfare Award Function, “Lots of people love me, but those you expect to love you don’t... rest do”. Really I m surprised to hear this statement. What you think about it??
Prabhat Shukla said…
हाल ही में प्रदर्शित हुई फिल्मों में से कौन सी फिल्में आपको बेहद पसंद आई?? और आजकल जिस तरह की फिल्में बन रही हैं, उनमे आपको रेखा के लिए क्या उम्मीद नज़र आती है???
Moderator- Rishabh Sharma said…
Dear Vikrant I am agree with her but not completely . Infact the Complete truth is that “ Nobody love her” beleive me.....
लोग सिर्फ "एक्ट्रेस रेखा" से प्यार करते हैं, दीवाने हैं उनकी ख़ूबसूरती के, उनकी अदाओं के ,
ऐसे दीवाने जो सिर्फ image के पीछे पागल हैं , Rekha Diva ! Rekha Star ! Actress Rekha ! but nobody understand her as a person, Rekha as Human,Nobody thinks about her depth side, what she feels?
what she think?
what she like?
what she love?
मैंने उनके बहुत सारे चाहने वाले देखे हैं जो उनसे प्यार करने का दावा तो करते हैं, पर जब बात प्यार निभाने की आती है तब सारे दावे खाली और खोखले निकलते हैं ..............
मैं आज तक ये नहीं जान पाया की जो लोग प्यार करते हैं वो लोग रिश्तों को तन्हा कैसे छोड़ सकते हैं???
उन्होंने (रेखा) ऐसा शायद इसलिए कहा क्योंकि वो जानती हैं की लोगों में वो सच्चाई ,वो शिद्दत नहीं हैं और नहीं तो वो असली पागलपन
And She belives that if there is “ No Madness then there is No Love”
Moderator- Rishabh Sharma said…
Dear Prabhat
फिल्मों के मामले में, मैं बहुत ही choosy हूँ, फ़िल्में दो तरह की होती हैं अच्छी और बुरी, जो हिट हो जाये ज़रूरी नहीं की वो अच्छी हो और जिसे दर्शक ना मिले इसका मतलब बिलकुल ये नहीं की वो अच्छी न हो ! मेरे हिसाब से काफी समय से फ़िल्में अपना असर खोती जा रही हैं / लचर पटकथा , फूहड़ नाच गाना , सस्ते संवाद मनोरंजन के नाम पर परोसे जा रहे हैं ! ऐसी बात नहीं की लोग पसंद नहीं कर रहे हैं , फ़िल्में हिट भी हो रही हैं, और तो और अवार्ड्स भी बटोर रही हैं.
ऐसा लगता है जैसे ना तो वैसी उत्कृष्ट फ़िल्में रही हैं और नाही वैसे फिल्मकार ! पर ऐसा नहीं है अभी हाल ही में रिलीज़ हुई संजय लीला भंसाली कृत " गुजारिश "देखने के बाद जैसे मैं सम्मोहित हो गया/मुझे यकीन नहीं आ रहा था की अब तक इतनी उत्कृष्ट , इतनी खूबसूरत फिल्म आज के इस दबंग युग में भी कोई बना सकता है ? फिल्म देखते हुए मैं मंत्र मुग्ध था उनकी कला पर, ऐसा लगा जैसे उन्होंने बहुत ही ख़ूबसूरती से कोई जादू बिखेर दिया हो ........
हर सीन , हर फ्रेम एकदम perfect , कहानी और उसका फिल्मांकन , किरदार और उनकी अभिव्यक्ति , संगीत और निर्देशन , मैं स्तब्ध था ये सोचकर की इतने काबिल Director हैं संजय लीला भंसाली जी , मेरे पास उनकी इस अनुपम कृति के लिए शब्द नहीं हैं. "Hats off to him " वो तो विमल राय, गुरुदत्त .गुलज़ार साहब की परंपरा के हैं. उनकी यह कृति इतनी अनुपम है की मेरा दिल चाहा की मैं उन्हें एक ख़त लिखूं इसके लिए ."Thank u soo much for making Guzaarish"और Hrithik , उसके जीवन की सबसे खूबसूरत फिल्म है .
As an Actor He is more than Great ......

मैंने संजय लीला भंसाली की सभी फ़िल्में देखी हैं पर " ख़ामोशी" आज भी मेरी सबसे पसंदीदा फिल्म है इसके अलावा मैंने " No One Killed Jessica" and I am again shocked to see this. जेसिका लाल हत्याकांड जैसे सवेंदनशील विषय को चुनना और फिर उस पर इतनी बेहतरीन फिल्म बनाना किसी चुनोती से कम नहीं था ,
ऐसी फिल्मों का सबसे मुश्किल काम किरदारों के साथ न्याय करना होता है जिसमे की राजकुमार गुप्ता जिनकी ये पहली फिल्म है, उन्होंने किरदारों को बखूबी पेश किया , सभी से उनका Best निकलवाया , जोकि अपने आप में काबिले तारीफ़ है ,हर छोटे से छोटा किरदार भी कहानी की ज़रूरत था , फिल्म अंत तक दर्शकों को बांधे रखती है, Vidhya Balan और Rani Mukherji दोनों ही अपने- अपने किरदारों में लाजवाब रही , यहाँ तक की यह कहना मुश्किल था की कौन किससे ज्यादा बेहतर है . इन दोनों फिल्मों को देखने के बाद मैं बहुत खुश हुआ की आज भी ऐसी फ़िल्में बनती हैं और अच्छी फिल्मों का दौर फिर से जल्द लौटेगा/ और जहाँ तक बात आजकल बनने वाली फिल्मों में रेखा के Scope की है तो " Guzaarish और No One Killed Jessica जैसी अच्छी फिल्मों में उनके लिए हमेशा Scope है और हमेशा रहेगा /
Chaya said…
Dear Rishabh Why you stop writing your Montly letter on Site???
Sandeep Sharma said…
Dear Moderator, I heard a news that Rekha signed a new Movie with South's Super Star Rajnikant named " Rana" Is it true??
Moderator- Rishabh Sharma said…
Dear Chaya, I have no explanation regarding your Question that Why I stop to write my Letter on Site. Chaya if you read my last letter titled “ Life” then I think you no need to ask that Question???
I felt, why I should write letter if there is no mean to write.
यूँ बेवजह चलते जाने का कोई मतलब नहीं है,
Or you can say if you are not Understand my Silence then you never understands my words!
Moderator- Rishabh Sharma said…
Dear Sandeep, Yes it is to heard that Rajnikant assured Diva Rekha for his live-animation film “Rana” and he has a triple role in it.. Two of them are full-fledged parts while the third is a cameo.Deepika Padukone and Vidhya Balan has already been roped in to play the female lead opposite Rajinikanth and Rekha will co-star opposite the father Rajnikanth in a different time zone."
According to sources the shooting of the film will start in Chennai from April and it will also be made in Tamil and Telugu.
Sandeep Sharma said…
Dear Rishabh Thank you so much for giving the answer of my Question regarding Rekha's new signing film Rana with Rajnikant. I think this is the second time after film "Phool Bane Angaarey" when they come together in Rana!
Moderator- Rishabh Sharma said…
Dear Sandeep, No this is not second time when Rekha & Rajnikant come together in Rana, In the past, Rekha and Rajinikant has starred in Bhrashtachar(1989), Phool Bane Angarey(1991) and Bulandi (2000)
malti said…
Ever Rekha and Sridevi share the Silver Screen together?
Manohar Das said…
रेखा और विनोद मेहरा अभिनीत फिल्म " घर" मेरी पसंदीदा फिल्मों में से एक है, और इस फिल्म में रेखा और विनोद मेहरा की Chemistry मुझे बेहद पसंद आई पर इसे देखते हुए मुझे हमेशा यही लगता है की रेखा और विनोद मेहरा के रिश्ता टूटने का कारण क्या रहा होगा ???
Moderator- Rishabh Sharma said…
Dear Malti Till today it never happen but In late 1979, Rekha signed a film named “ Meendum Kokila co starring Kamal Hasan & Sridevi but for some unspecified reason , Rekha had been tossed from that project, and that Malayalam actress Unni Mary had been drafted to play her role.
Moderator- Rishabh Sharma said…
मनोहर दास जी शायद आप नहीं जानते की रेखा का चेहरा एक खुली किताब की तरह है, सबकुछ कह देता है उनका चेहरा, उनकी आँखें , रेखा कभी भी गलत नहीं थी, बस सिर्फ इतनी सी बात है जब इंसान किसी से बहुत ज्यादा प्यार करता है तो वो उस रिश्ते से बहुत ज्यादा उम्मीद करने लगता है, एक व्यक्ति के तौर पर रेखा बहुत ही संवेदनशील रहीं हैं , वो अपने हर रिश्ते से ना सिर्फ पूरी सच्चाई से प्यार करती हैं बल्कि वो उससे पूरी सुरक्षा भी चाहती हैं,
और जब वो रिश्ता उन्हें बाँध नहीं पाया तो वो आगे बढ़ गयी.... and According to Rekha” when I was in a relationship … I was true, honest, Genuine every time at least my side…… पर उनका रिश्ता टूटा नहीं था, सोचिये अगर वो गलत होती तो क्या ये रिश्ता आगे तक कायम रहता ??? फिल्म घर के बाद भी उन्होंने कई फ़िल्में साथ की जैसे की साजन की सहेली (1981) , बिंदिया चमकेगी (1984) , प्यार की जीत (1987) और 1990 में विनोद मेहरा की मृत्यु के बाद भी उन्होंने यह रिश्ता निभाया, एक रेखा ही थी जो उनके परिवार के सबसे ज्यादा करीब थी, उन्होंने Mrs किरण मेहरा और उनके बच्चों को भी संभाला ,अब सोचो कितना गहरा रिश्ता रहा होगा वो जो विनोद मेहरा की मृत्यु के बाद भी खत्म नहीं हुआ!!!!!
Chaya said…
Dear Rishabh Is is true that Rekha walks out of Rajinikanth's film Rana because of Amitabh Bacchaan's entry in it???
Moderator- Rishabh Sharma said…
Dear Chaya, No its not true that Rekha left Rajnikant’s Rana due to Mr. Bacchan. I don’t know why people connect them in every matter. If she walk out from the film then there some reason. Rekha is that kind of actress who works only when she feels like it.

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